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Burned DVD won't play on PC, while on DVD Home Player works fine:

Discussion in 'Video playback problems' started by nenny20, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. nenny20

    nenny20 Guest

    I just have burned a DVD-Video of some of my favorites videos. Everything seems just fine, until i try to play the "movie" on my PC and to my surprise, nothing happen...!
    Ok, here is what i did: (1)I convert the files into "DVD files"(video_ts) using ConvertXtoDVD,(BTW is my favorite converter) (2)I burned the files to DVD using DVD-R Comp USA Disc.
    Now, (and this is when everything came down to posting a thread) once the burning process is finished (Burning was sucessfull!), i'm ready to play the new "DVD disc" on my computer (DVD-ROM), so i pushed the disc back into the DVD drive, and as i'm waiting for the normal popup (on WinXP) to show up, i proceed to look (in "My Computer" folder) for any change on the "total size bar" info (E: drive), yet nothing new happen.
    So, that's when i decides trying on my DVD Home Player (Emerson), and kaboom..., to my surprise everything went just fine...!
    Oh, and if I double click on the E: drive (PC), the disc appears to be "empty", but if i try to burn any files on the same disc, then appears to be "full"...!
    I hope my thread is of an easy one to understand, and the someone out there will have the solution to my problem...! Thanks...!
  2. attar

    attar Senior member

    Jun 17, 2005
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    Is the problem only with reading this one DVD?
    If it's only this one instance, consider switching disk brands and setting burn speed to 4x.
    Comp USA uses many different manufacturers under its label.
    Better with 'Verbatim'.

    If it's any DVD ,uninstall the IDE controller that the drive is attached to then reboot.

    My Computer > Properties > Hardware > Device Manager, click on the '+' beside the IDE controllers and select either the Primary or the secondary and 'uninstall'.
    Reboot and the controller and burner will be re-detected and installed.


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