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Burning Dvd's and ps2 games

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by TahoePro, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. TahoePro

    TahoePro Guest

    I can burn ps2 games BUT says on ps2 plz. put in game with ps2 format....I have heard there is a chip you can put in your ps2 so you can play burnt games.....what is it called and around how much does it cost.


    Is there a way to "break" the copy right protection on DVD's???

    Ty for any info you can give me
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  2. brobear

    brobear Guest

    For DVDs you can start with the free stuff. DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink. Quick start guides can be found at http://www.dvdshrink.info/guides.php There is a forum dedicated to DVD Shrink here at AD. http://www.dvddecrypter.com and http://www.dvdshrink.org for the software and support forums for the particualar apps. Once you learn those, you'll be ready for the retail apps if you want to spend some money. These programs do a good job though.

    Mod chips vary. Just google for "mod chips PS2" and you should get a bunch of hits. There is a section for PS2, so you should ask questions there for more detailed answers.
  3. TahoePro

    TahoePro Guest

    how long does it take to decrypt it if u have windows xp with 512 mb hard drive dial up internet service
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  4. brobear

    brobear Guest

    Decrypting is just the process of breaking the encryption. Often you'll hear people say "rip" and let that include the decrypting. "I ripped to the hard drive with DVD Decrypter". Meaning I used DVD Decrypter to decrypt and copy the files to a hard drive folder. With Decrypter, a rip takes about 15 minutes for a big movie. I've done some smaller movies with light encryption in about 5 minutes.

    Driver type decrypters like AnyDVD run in the background breaking the encryption and encrypted files appear as though there was no encryption.

    BTW, the CPU makes a difference in speed as well as a few other factors. I'm assuming you were referring to a PC with a CPU near 1.5 to 2GHz.
  5. TahoePro

    TahoePro Guest

    after i decryted the dvd it still said that it could not be coppied due to copy right protections im using Record Now
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  6. brobear

    brobear Guest

    What program did you use to decrypt the DVD?
  7. TahoePro

    TahoePro Guest

    The "DVD Decrypter" also do you have aol instant messenger if so im smith3derek8@aol.com
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  8. brobear

    brobear Guest

    You need to edit out your email address. The spammers will bury you alive for leaving an email address on a forum. Also, problems are to be solved on the forum. Check out the rules.

    Hopefully you're using version of Decrypter. They just released the new version. http://www.dvddecrypter.com I use Decrypter all the time and only with some of the newer movies do I get a trace of structural encryption left behind. What movie are you doing?

    AnyDVD is the best background decrypter available. http://www.slysoft.com It works great with just about any program in Windows. They have a 3 week trial, so download it and try it. As long as the red fox icon is on the taskbar it should be on. Once installed you do nothing but let it run. There is an info page you can select to open that tells you about the encryption on a disc. I like the option. You close the info window after you read it and continue with the recording process. Read the product description so you know what AnyDVD does and how it works.
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  9. TahoePro

    TahoePro Guest

    Well i was going to do the new exoricist movie but now im going to try chappell show season 1.............are there hardly any movies in which the size is below the limit
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  10. brobear

    brobear Guest

    I didn't pay much attention to RecordNow's capabilities. I don't use it myself. What limit are you referring to? Sounds like you may need a transcoder app to shrink the files to fit a 4.7 disc. By the way, a 4.7 (DVD5) only has a capacity of 4.37GB. DVD Shrink is a decent freeware app that will shrink the movies to fit. It will handle large movies when one uses the deep Analysis and quality settings. For a retail app, my choice is DVDCopy3 from InterVideo. http://www.intervideo.com They have a trial if you want to try it out. It will use hard drive files ripped with Decrypter or you can use it with AnyDVD.
  11. TahoePro

    TahoePro Guest

    Can you give me a list of the programs that i need to simply copy a dvd with a copy protection on it..
  12. TahoePro

    TahoePro Guest

    and when you mean shrink it will compress the movie to fit and not clip part of it off? right
  13. TahoePro

    TahoePro Guest

    and also after you make 1 copy of the movie that copy can be copied instead of decrypting it again correct?
  14. TahoePro

    TahoePro Guest

    from what i understand i can just decrypt the movie and "shrink" it to fit the size limit and thats all i need?
  15. brobear

    brobear Guest

    You pretty much have the idea. For freeware, all you need is DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink to rip, transcode and burn a movie. Later movies with the newer encryption, you'll need to rip with Decrypter. Reason being the decryption software in the DVD Shrink program is not up to date. Decrypter can be used as the burner or a burner of your choice can be used. Quick start guides for the 2 are at http://www.dvdshrink.info/guides.php . You can try out the trials I mentioned if they interest you. For most movies I use DVDCopy3.

    Below is a canned article for newbies. It's a bit simplistic and I don't use it to insult anyone's intelligence. However, there is some useful material and it starts with beginner info. This is pretty much for 4.7 media. However, Shrink will handle dual layer.

    Info for beginners: (I'll mention a few popular programs, but there are others of these types.)
    Backing up factory DVD movies has 3 basic steps and a few things to remember.
    The steps are:
    One could add edit, but that isn't always necessary.
    2)Encode/Transcode (Fit to the target disc, shrink when necessary);

    You can have one program that does it all, some programs do a couple of the steps and some only do one step or one step at a time.

    Decrypting can be done with driver type decrypters like AnyDVD or with apps such as DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink.

    DVD Decrypter is used to decrypt and rip files to the (HD) hard drive. If DVD Decrypter is going to be used as a burner, 2 important things have to be remembered.
    1)Use the ISO read mode to decrypt and
    2)the file size has to be below 4.37 (GB) gigabytes.
    If the file is above 4.37GB, DVD Decrypter cannot burn the ISO file to a 4.7GB disc. [Note: 4.7 is a retail designation for a disc; the actual size of a 4.7 disc that a computer reads is 4.37GB.] File size is important to know.

    DVD Shrink can be used to decrypt and rip to the HD. Normally though, Shrink is used to decrypt a disc, using a temporary file, and transcoding the file in preparation to be burned. Nero isn't part of Shrink, but is the default app that Shrink uses to burn automatically. Shrink can also use DVD Decrypter in ISO burn mode and CopytoDVD can also be used. I suggest Nero, as DVD Shrink is already set to use it.

    There are a number of transcoding programs, browsing the forums can get a lot of info on those. It's already been mentioned what they do. Just remember, simply speaking, this step is to prep the file for burning.

    There are a number of apps on the market now. Due to laws, most of the popular recording programs now are trancoding and burning programs. These recording programs have to have a decrypter. With a driver type decrypter the program runs as though it was one of the older ripper programs that did everything. With the manual type decrypters the files are ripped to the HD and the file then has to be opened by the recording program.

    Burner or recording programs are either incorporated into programs or are separate in recording suites. I mentioned Nero as it is a favorite on many forums and a favorite of mine. There are others. I find CopyToDVD to be a good choice as well. DVD Decrypter is a good freeware choice.

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