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Can Nero burn CD's at more than 8x?

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by MikeBUK, May 26, 2003.

  1. MikeBUK

    MikeBUK Guest

    I was wondering whether Nero can burn CD's at more than 8x and if so how? Whatever CD disc I use it always burns at 8x only with only 4x or 8x as options.
  2. dbecker

    dbecker Regular member

    Nov 4, 2002
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    typically your burn speed is controlled by your cd writer. Nero is telling you that your cd writer only has 2 speeds 4 and 8. If that is not right then i would see what type of writer nero is recognizing..
  3. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    What is the max speed of your burner?
    Try different burning software and see if you can burn max. Some feebies, BurnAtOnce and CDBurner XP Pro.

    CDBurner XP Pro: http://w1.737.telia.com/~u73702956/download.htm

    Shoey :)

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