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can play backup dvds (no region or css) but can't play original dvd??

Discussion in 'Video playback problems' started by seamonkey, May 31, 2004.

  1. seamonkey

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    Nov 3, 2002
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    wassup everyone...

    well, i see the good ole search function is down today or something...

    but here's the scoop.

    i'd say that i'm pretty d@mn knowledgeable about most things dvd and xbox.. but recently had a weird prob.

    I bought a minibook pc with a teac slimline dvd drive and have Windows XP Home Ed on it. I installed poweredvd 5.0

    I can play my backup dvds no problem (no css or macrovision and also region free) but i try my original dvd (with css, region 1, and macrovision) powerdvd freezes and dies on me.

    So, i tried windvd, same thing.. then i thought i'd try good ole NVDVD. It gave me a nice errror unlike powerdvd or windvd did, i got this error [bold]"key exchange for dvd copy protection failed. Playback stopped"[/bold]

    yea, i know, freakin weird eh?
    so i thought maybe its something with my region settings, checked them and they were fine, then used dvd genie to verify it, same thing.

    no firmwares are avail for my dvd drive, checked into that.

    perhaps i have to use a css stripper that strips the key when it streams it??

    any suggestions??

    mucho thanks!

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