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can't open Halo2 iso

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by Ag3ntNe0, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. Ag3ntNe0

    Ag3ntNe0 Guest

    I downloaded Halo2.iso and I can't open it with WinISO. It says it is an invalid format image. I tried burning to cd and extracting it from there but it is too big. Am I doing something wrong?
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  2. Renas

    Renas Member

    Dec 12, 2004
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    I don't know if WinIso can open image files as well as convert them, but try using Isobuster 1.6 which will open it for sure unless the iso you downloaded is a corrupt file.
  3. Ag3ntNe0

    Ag3ntNe0 Guest

    Isobuster worked. It opened the file and I exrtacted it to a folder and it became at TAO file. Now what?
  4. Ag3ntNe0

    Ag3ntNe0 Guest

    I made a bin file. Now how do I make the cue file?

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