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Covert audio files to DTS audio CD's

Discussion in 'Audio' started by ripdox, Jan 14, 2005.

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    You can convert the MP3s on your HD to an audio CD, for playback on (anybody's) home theatre system.
    Your MP3s are 2-channel (stereo).
    DTS is multi-channel, similar to AC3.
    How would you assign channels during the conversion?
    You have DTS L, R, Centre, L surround, R surround, and LF (subwoofer).
    Do you want the 2 channels to convert into 6, automatically?
    There is such a thing (more or less), it is called Dolby Surround playback.
    It adds L+R to make centre, and subtracts L-R to make surround.
    The ProLogic variant of this system refines the frequency and separation of the centre and surround channels, offering up to 30dB separation.
    DTS and AC3, however, are 'discrete' sound systems requiring 5 (or 6 or more) channels of audio to be available for encoding. This will be your challenge, in any conversion to DTS ;-)
    Try ProLogic on your home theatre playback.
    Typically, the Centre channel will be dominant (and the surround channels may 'breathe'). Turn down these channels so L & R remain dominant, and the other channels add a pleasing yet subtle 3-D ambience to your music.
    This might be the only use ProLogic circuitry gets these days, lol, so give it a try...

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