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.dat video files... what? How? Confused!!!!

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by ussb0613, Nov 28, 2004.

  1. ussb0613

    ussb0613 Guest

    Hi all,

    Before I get started, I want to thank you for the guides, I have used at least 4 of them with excellent results.

    Now for my questions:

    I have 1 movie, the movie is devided in to parts, Cd1.dat and Cd2.dat.

    I would like to know (so I can better understand), how are the .dat files made? And how can they be used.

    I would like to burn these files to a DVD so I can view them on my table top DVD player.

    Am I wasteing drive space and time?

    I have used the search function and searched .dat, I had a few hits asking the same question but I was unable to locate a reply (if any).

    Thank you in advance........
  2. scf_au

    scf_au Regular member

    Sep 12, 2004
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    .dat files are commonly used in VCDs for carrying video and sound data. Sometimes burn programs (e.g. Nero)can copy/burn the .dat files directly. Other times when they can't, you may then first convert the .dat files into mpeg format before burning. VCD Gear is a nice FREE program to do that. See here:
    When you burn the converted mpeg files using programs like Nero, they would then in turn be converted back into .dat files.
    That's how things go. *_*

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