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dvd drive won't play dvds, may need new driver

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by jer2911tx, Dec 23, 2004.

  1. jer2911tx

    jer2911tx Guest

    i recently reformatted my c drive, and now i can't play dvds on the dvd drive.
    it's an acer, not sure of the model number.
    and acer has turned into benq, so i'm not sure how to figure out what model acer driver i have to install the right driver.
    when i use the acer auto-detect, it shows my cd rw drive and two listings for dvd-rom drives

    Device: DVD-ROM Firmware version 1.13 2
    Device: DVD-ROM Firmware Version 1.0

    i looked at the front of the acer drive, it doesn't have a model number, just says 16x dvdrom 40x cd rom

    how can i determine the model number and get it playing dvds again??

    if i do get it playing dvds again....will i be able to stick a dvd in that drive and use shrink and decrypter to read the dvd and use the cd r/w drive to burn a dvd on the cd r/w drive?
  2. jomel

    jomel Member

    Jul 26, 2004
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    i got the same problem my dvd drive was working fine..now if I put a dvd in nothing happens and everything freeze up so I have to take the dvd out again...I only had this external dvd burner a few month!I don't know what to do eather

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