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DVD +RW to DVD +R won't play

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by newtodvd2, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. newtodvd2

    newtodvd2 Guest

    As my screen name suggests I am new to DVD recording. here is my problem I have recorded a series of shows on a Magnavox MDV650R ( I know a low end unit have to start somewhere) using Verbatim +RW media now after I have edited out the commericals on the Magnavox I want to use my PC with two Pacific Digital + /- R /RW burners to copy the original RW made with the Magnavox to + R Verbatim Discs. I tried using Record It Now,
    Roxio Disc Copier, Disc Builder, Disc Creator but the discs I burn from the RW won't work in a Apex DVD player ( Another bottom of the line componet )I also tried using DVD Decrypter in the ISO read mode copied to hard drive then used ISO write mode still won't play in the Apex
    Yet if I make a +R Verbatim Disc and finalize it in the Magnavox that will play in the Apex. I believe my problem is when the PC finalizes the disc with the programs I am using to copy the discs it is incompatable with the Apex. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong ! I am making a lot of coasters and I am getting discouraged.The reason I need help is because I have over 60 RW discs that I would like to re record over but don't want to erase untill I have made +R copies of them that I know have been made correctly !!!
  2. LeoLeroy

    LeoLeroy Member

    Nov 26, 2004
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    Newtodvd2, as you can see I'm also a newbie.

    I've read your post more than once to try and figure out exactly what's going on on your end. It sounds like you covered "most" bases.

    This morning I used DVD Decrypter in the File mode and Roxio Disc Creator to copy a DVD+r to another DVD+r and it works fine in both my TV DVD player and my Pioneer DVD writer in my computer.

    Have you tried this exact combination? In other words, Decrypt in File mode to your hard drive, and then use Roxio Disc Creator to make the CD+r. Disc Creator will transcode and burn a DVD+R from the files created by Decrypt (at least it did for me).

    If that doesn't work, do you have a TV DVD player that will work with your RWs? If so, maybe your best bet would be to just use your Magnavox MDV650R to record the DVD+Rs from another TV DVD player.

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