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Every modding tutorial for Halo!!

Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by GOTJVLOD, Oct 1, 2005.


    GOTJVLOD Guest

    All of these modding tutorial came straight from http://www.leakedhalo.cjb.net !

    How to Add Seats

    Step One: Go to ADI or your other Favorite program and grab Offset Code for the vehi your going to be using and copy it down for reference

    Step Two: Open The App and open the map your going to be using

    Step Three: Past that code you got from ADI and past it into the “Vehicle meta offset” and then click “Get Data”

    Step 4: Select the Amount Of Seats you want you want to add and then select what type of seats you want them to be

    Step 5: Make Sure every thing is ok And then Click add and hit yes

    Important Notes

    Single player maps don’t work
    You can only mod one vehi per map if you try 2 you mess up vehi
    If you Type of seats are same as in a vehi plug in
    If you want to add multipliable seats of different types just open app aging
    Don’t add more than 250 seats to a vehi LOL but I’m serious

    Basic Mods:

    Flying warthogs: go into dothalo (simplest) and got "vehi [vehicle] and drop it out and choose "objects/vehicles/warthog/warthog." In the box that appears, click on the flying flying checkbox.

    -Dual Weild anything: go into any weapn under the "weap [weapon]" tag and in the box that appears when you click on it, choose dual wield. Just do it for every weapon.

    -Run 5X faster than normal: Make sure you have the latest plugins (halomods, or they usually come with the program), and goto to "mtag [globals]." Drop it out and choose globals/globals. On the box that appears, change walking speed forward, crouching speed forward, crougching speed back, ect. to around 15 or 20.

    -Increasing jump hight: in dothalo goto "bipd [biped]" and choose the biped that corrisponds with the character that you play with ingame. For example if you play as a masterchief player model, choose objects/characters/masterchief_mp (mp=important). If you play as an elite, choose "objects/characters/eliete_mp." In the box that appears, change the value (the white box) for jump hight to about 20. To get an idea of how high that is, 20 jump will make it so high that you can jump on top of acention both accention towers from the ground..

    -Fully auto BR- goto "weap [weapon]" and choose: "objects/weapons/rifle/battle_rifle" In the box that appears, choose fully-auto.

    -Four round burst: go to the battle_rifle again, and change shots per round to four.

    - How not to get found: tutorial section on modding matchmaking and customs. Two tutorials. (If they got deleted, just ask some guys on the forum, it's common knoledge now)

    -360 Autoaim - Get the autoaim plugin (http://s10.invisionfree.com/Danhrules/index.php?showtopic=1437). Save it as a .rar and then extract it. Put it in the .../plugins/halo2 folder of Dothalo. Then just open up any weapon (how to do stated above), and down at the bottom there is autoaim and autoaim angle. Change autoaim to like 400 and you should be good, and change the angle to 360 so it all around. There is two autoaims, I really don't know why. Just set the two w/ the same values.

    -Changing spwns- Go into "mulg [Multiplayer Global]" and choose "multiplayer/multiplayer_globals" Your upper right hand side is your dependency window. Click on the weap tag of the weapon you want to swap for a vehicle. For exaple, if you wanted to swap the smg. choose weap - objects\weapons\rifle\smg. Chose it and change it's tag class at the top to vhei - vehicle. Then in dependency, choose the vehicle you want there and click swap. Done. (PS this can also be used to spawn scenery and weapons)

    Get GlichyGaurdians from Halomods.com following programs: XY locator, and his spawn point changer. Use the program to find the XY coordinates of where you want to spawn. If you want to spawn on top of the level, z=14. If you want to spawn below (there has to be something down there, or else you will see the level from the outside, but can't move) z--1. Write down your spawn's XYZ coor. Then open glichy gaurdian's program and click on the scroll bar to find out how many points there are. Then divide that number by how many spawns you have. Then you find out points # what to # higher have XYZ value of ______. Just do all the points and done!

    Ok this tut is to make an smg a suicide machine which can be entertaining in most cases
    As always open updothalo and look for the tag called [weap] then select objects\weapons\rifle\smg\smg then go to the dependencies select objects\weapons\rifle\smg\projectiles\smg_bullet now change the projectile to objects\weapons\support_high\rocket_launcher\projectiles\rocket click save changes.
    Now to make it suicidal go to the tag called [proj] select objects\weapons\support_high\rocket_launcher\projectiles\rocket because thats what we switched the SMG projectile to you will see these tags which will be edited in the tag editor.
    Damage Effect Distance-10 needs to be switched to 50 so are around is deadly too.
    Projectile Life Distance-175 change to zero
    Life Span- 150 switch to zero
    Fix encryption and hex sig or resign map and bam you have a suicide machine ready for almost any map!

    Shoot out containment gates!

    1. open up containment in dothalo
    2. Go to [weap]Weapons and choose PP or rocket
    3. For PP go to dependencies and click on proj.... bolt
    4. Change the ID to Mach
    5. Scroll down and choose gate/gate
    6. Save changes and now the PP shoots a gate when its not charged

    Make other teams start with no ammo and you have infinite

    First Open up Dot Halo and scroll down to the WEAP tag.
    Then go to what ever weapon you want I'm going to use the SMG.
    In the tag editer window scroll down to clip and click 0.
    Then Change deplete ammo and recharg ammo to 1000.
    Change everything else to 1.

    Jet Pack

    1. First go the the jpt! damage tag.
    2. Then select whichever gun's trigger you want to use. I'll be using the smg trigger.
    3. In tag editor change it's force to around 30
    4. After you saved those tag changes go to the proj projection tag.
    5. Select the gun you chose's bullet. For me it's smg bullet.
    6. Turn down the lifespan a little bit in tag editor. I changed mine to about 35 as it was originally at 40.

    Add weather:

    Step 1- Open Maps
    Open Insolence. Now open the map that has the weather you want and the map that you would like to put it in. For this tutorial I'm going to use lockout and warlock.

    Step 2- Drag & Drop
    In lockout go to the "weat" tag and drag and drop "scenarios\multi\lockout\lockout" into warlock and from here you will see a box saying it is moving objects and re-linking them.

    Step 3- Replacing old weather with new weather
    Now we need to make warlock use the new weather. Open up the "scnr" tag for warlock. Open the reflexive about weather. Go to dependencies. Change the weather to the new one you added. Now. In order to make the weather change, you have to fix a dependency in the sbsp tag, which Insolence doesn't currently support. So open ADI, find the "weat" dependency in the sbsp tag, and change it to the new weather.

    Step 4- Fix encryption
    Click "Fix Map Signature" under Map Options. That's all.


    1st go to the mode tag
    2nd go to elite/masterchief
    3rd null out all the shaders you see/make them null

    Make an OrbHog:

    first goto your vehi tag and find warthog/warthog then goto the dependencies window and find headlight lens and light then use the drop down menu bar thing and change both of those to sun and then save changes!! if you would like it to be anyu diferent colors such as blue, all you have to do is goto the [light] tag and find plasma grenade and change the light intensity to like 100 then goto [vehi] tag find warthog/warthog and click on it. Under dipendecies/loneidentidty... look for warthog headlights click on it then goto the drop bar and change it to plasma grenade. and change the tailights also and the thing in the middle. now just save changes fix encryption close map and shazamm orbhog!!


    Making a Death RAY out of any weapon

    Tut by *High On Pain*

    You need H2X and DotHalo

    Step 1 open H2X and open ur map and go to the weap you want to make a death ray for this tut i will be using a plasma rifle
    now salect the plamsa rifle click meta editor click the fireing type tab and make sure thay are set as follows

    0 ID
    0 Trigger ID
    -1 Secondary Fire (Y/N)
    0 SF Value
    0 SF Value
    0 SF ID

    then click the projectile tab then under minimum and maximum ROF (RATE OF FIRE) type 0 thin in the trigger delay
    box type 0 this in the muzzle climb box but 0 and then if the weap you are workin on is a plamsa weap (mine is)
    you go down two Age Per Round and type 0 and go to Heat Per Round and type 0 (this well make the plasma weap never
    overheat and then hit the blue save changes button and then the white and close H2X

    NOTE: if your weapon you want want to make a death ray out of is a human type when you get into dot halo go to the
    weapon tags and go to the weap you want and open it up click on the clip box thin hit 0 in the drop down box then
    edit the ammo and make all the ammo values 10000 this well make no reload and alot of ammo holding the trigger down
    it take around four mins to empty a human fully auto weap with that much ammo so you should be fine
    Step 2 open Dothalo open ur map (the one you just edited in H2X) go to the weap tag the go to (the weap you were
    working on in H2X) in the tag editor scrowl down to projectile then hit 0 in the drop down box (this is where it
    starts becomming the death ray) type 10 or 15 in the bullets per shot box not anymore then 15 cuz it makes
    the game lag when you shoot it cuz of the ROF ok after that go to the Minimum and Maximum spreads if you want the
    ray to be skinny really dence type in the sniper rifle spreads if you want it to be in the middle kinda type the
    human turret spread values if you want it to be large then type the ones from the shot gun thay are as follows

    The Sniper Rifle Values

    Minimum Spread: 0.008726646

    Maximum Spread: 0.008726646
    The Human turret Values

    Minimum Spread: 0.008726646

    Maximum Spread: 0.01745329
    The shot gun Values

    Minimum Spread: 0.1396263

    Minimum Spread: 0.1745329

    Ok after you have changed the spread values to the new ones of your choice hit save changes then go to the projectile
    tags and edit the plasma rifle bolt or what every your weap / death ray shoots im using the plasma rifle bolts open up
    the plasma rifle bolt tag and scrowl down and Change the initial speeds and finel speeds to how ever fast you want the
    ray to go i find that 1500 is fast enuf it doesnt really need to be anyfaster and then hit save changes and ur done
    Cool extras

    Beat downs... go to the weap tag go to the weap you just made into a death ray go to the depedencies of that weap and
    Swap all the JPT! damage_ effects melees to that of sword melees (one hit beat downs makes me feel all worm and fuzzy

    Shaders..go to the mode tag go to the weap you just made into a death ray and click it go to its dependencies and swap
    its shadders Note: the LOD shadder of a weap is what it looks like from far away other then that most are self explanatory
    allso after your down swappin the shaders of that go to the FP (First person shadders) you hafta change those to if you
    want it to still look deff when you have it in your hand


    NOTE: You’re going to need Hex Workshop for this one.

    Open the map in hex workshop.
    Do a search with Control + F or Edit à Find
    Select text string for type.
    Find all instances.
    ASCII string.
    Direction down.
    Type in the weapon or vehicle name like “banshee”
    Go through all the instances until you find the right part with stuff like “Hold X to drive banshee”
    Edit it. (Has to be the same length or shorter than original name)
    If it is shorter then use spaces for the rest.
    Save map.
    Sign it with ADI.
    Clear X,Y,Z drives (only required with skins and renaming)
    Load it up!

    Warthog Filter Jet:

    Part 1

    Open dot halo then your map. go down to vehi then to the warthog/warthog. Then on to your tag editor. under physics click on your flying and uncheck handbrake. And you will want to check your boost. Then scroll down to covent boost and change the from 0 to what ever you want.

    Mine is at 4 or 5 for my ghost any higher and your probly will kill your self if you hit something.

    Now go to your Dependencis/ LoneIDs and change your [weap] witch is your horn to rocktets. Save all of your changes.
    That is your flying boosting rocket launchin warhog

    Part 2

    This is the fully auto rocket. This will be like some of the mods your have or use to have on warlock when you stop with the trigger you stop your br its not burst.
    Open your h2x and open your rocket launcher go to click on it then your meta editor and or the right something should of poped up. go to firing type and change your trigger id to 0.
    Now go to your Projectiles and change your shots per burst and muzzel climb to 0.By: Killacamcam

    Make stuff fall from the sky when you shoot!

    This is pretty simple. Tutorial for DotHalo

    First, if you want the propjectile to be an actual projectile, open it in the projectile tag and change the Starting and Final Speed in the tag editor to 0, so it will fall straight down. If you want it to shoot a bipd, or something from the bloc or mach tag, then you dont need this step.

    Second, go to the rocket launcher or plasma pistol in the [weap] tag and change the projectile(s) in the Dependencies Window to the projectile you changed in step 1.

    Third. Scroll down in the tag editor to the Projectile section and click on the drop down box. Choose 0 if you changed the top projectile, and choose 1 if you changed the second projectile. When the page refreshed scroll down again.

    Change the bullets per shot to to however many you want to fall from the sky. I suggest 10 for rockets and brute shots, 18 for grenades, and 1 for wraith shot.

    Then change the X Spawn Coord to however far ahead of you you want them to fall. (I suggest anywhere 10-15).

    Then change the Z Spawn Coord to 15.

    Hope this is useful and easy to understand

    Shoot out elites and spartans:

    First open up your program that you use to edit. Then go to the map you want to edit. Then go to the [bipd] tag and click Masterchief or Elite I will be using the MC:
    After that go to your dependencies and click on hlmt ....mastercheif\masterchief_mp": Then click the arrow under dependancy/LoneID and find "...special\null\null": Then click on that and save changes Last, just encrypt the signature and your done!
    Made By MyLittlePony

    Old modded maps in custom games!!!!!:

    Ok, ok everyone wants to know how to play modded old maps in custom games, well heres the first tut and its here first!

    Ok firstly mod your old map using DotHalo or whatever your comfortable with, dont worry about balancing, just mod and re-sign! I will be using Lockout as an example, and replacing turf in the DLC folder.

    Next, open your map in a Hex editor, i used Hex Workshop for this. Goto offset 0x1bc. You should see "scenarios\multi\lockout\lockout" as ASCII. it looks like this......

    Change this to "scenarios\multi\turf\turf" and put in 0's to remove the rest of the original string. when your done, it will look like this.....

    Save the file as turf.map, FTP into your xbox and put the .map file in the right folder, also delete or rename the patch.lvl and patch_v3.lvl files in the folder with your modded map.

    Now go on live and invite a friend to join your room. Give party leader to your friend and ask for them to select turf then leave. Start the countdown off and when it loads you will be on your modded old map, in this case Lockout!

    Please note, only people with the same map file in the same directory can join and play your modded old maps, if they dont have the map file in therexbox , all they will get is a blue screen and will eventually lag out!

    You can apply this method to any kind of map mod, wether it be mods such as Icewind, Blackout or your own custom modded map! Also you can take the single_player_shared.map from the Halo 2 disc and use this method to load it up over xbox live. In this map you can look at the different character models and try out some of the single player weapons on your friends!

    Also, this method wont work with other single player levels.

    Passenger fly warthog:

    Real Simple.......

    All you have to do is go to the warthog tag, check flying, go to the bottom of the tag and on each seat put a check on Driver Seat.


    Ok, so this will show you how to make the plasma pistol have the damage effect of the bomb explosion.

    Open DotHalo and the map of your choice. Go to the jpt! tag.

    Scroll to bomb explosion.

    Now just copy the meta offset.

    Scroll to the Plasma Pistol Bolt, and paste the meta offset.

    Now hit 'Save Changes'

    Fix the encryption and sign if you like. You now have a plasma pistol that will kill with one shot, take out hogs with 1-2 shots, and take s out with 2-3 shots. This changes the damage effect, so you have to hit the object in order for it to work!

    Godlike plasma rifle:

    Ive been having this since i practically started modding and ive never seen it b4 mine, so i think it's safe to say i was one of the first with this and it was awesome, so i think now would be a good time to pass it on. . use it wisely.lol.

    Ok, first open up Ch2r, go to <tags> weapons, go to plasma rifle double click on it, then go to
    aquire target distance- change it to 1E+37.
    Projectile count- 1
    *click the projectile tab at the top*
    Projectile Reference 663
    Min. Rate of fire-10
    Max. rate of fire-20
    Min. burst-0
    Max. burst-0
    Unkownshort3- 0

    Now go to <tags> Damage Effect
    0x0 Float-0
    Min. Radius-0
    Max radius-60
    Force- 100
    and at the bottom check off headshot.

    Now u succesfully modded ur plasma rifle to "god" mode, and it shouldnt overheat at all with perfect auto aim.

    Make everything fully auto!:

    You need to use h2X. Open up the Map in h2X, then go to [weap]. Then select the weapon in there. Once this is done, select the Meta Editor and go to firing type. Then look at trigger id;

    Just change that to 0
    0 is fully Automatic
    1 is Semi Automatic
    4 is for weapons that shoot in bursts

    Now change the Trigger Delay to 0 and change the Muzzle climb to 0.
    Then to get it to work, you have to click save changes in the bottom right, then the one to the left of the screen. Finally click fix encryption with h2X, then sign it.

    Pelican in multiplayer!:

    Step-1 Open Maps First, open Insolence.
    Now, open the multiplayer map in which you would like to play with the
    driveable pelican. Also open 05a_deltaapproach.map. Step-2 Drag and
    Drop To add the vehicle you must drag over the vehicle pelican. It will
    drag over the other pelican vehicles for you. Navigate your way to the
    pelican under the vehi tag. Drag and drop it from 05a_deltaapproach.map
    to your map that you want the pelican in. Step-3 MoveBox Each time you
    drag & drop a tag, a small status box will pop up to give you
    information about what the program is doing while you wait. The longest
    part is usually "Relinking" and it may seem like it froze.. It didn't,
    it just has to do a lot of file reading & writing at this point, so
    let it be. When the move is done, the box will go away. Step-4 Close
    unneeded maps Close 05a_deltaapproach.map Step-5 Fix Seats Since this
    vehicle was made for campaign you are going to need to change many
    string indincies. Select the pelican vehicle and double click it. Then
    underneath the change plugins there should be the following text "IFP
    Plugin-"Vehi"Edit mode". Click it and it will change and say "IFP
    Plugin-"Vehi"Dev mode". From there go to Unknown 11 under Reflexives.
    Underneath the words "Author: Iron_Forge" There is a drop down bar with
    and arrow on the right side with a bunch of numbers. We will only need
    to edit 0-11. Under the 0 change the first string ID to "warthog_d".
    Then you are done. Go to 1, and change the first string ID to
    "spectre_p_r". Do the same for 2-10. For number 11 change the first
    string ID to "warthog_g". Step-6 Adding the pelican First go to 'map
    options' in the upper left corner and go to 'sort by path'. Then click
    multiplayer, and select "multiplayermultiplayer_globals.mulg". Double
    click it. Got to Dev mode and choose unkown 2. Choose uknown 2 under
    that, and choose number 2 in the upper left drop down box. Double click
    the ID and change it to pelican, you can do the same for number 3, then
    there are no more tanks, only pelicans. Step-7 Fix encryption Go to
    'map options' in the upper left, and click 'fix map signature' and wait
    10-20 seconds, usually less. Then ftp it over to your xbox and enjoy.
    Note: The pelican will be flipping wildly, but if you flip it and hold
    x near the drivers seat you will get in and drive.

    Change other teams starting weapons:

    first open up the map you want this on.

    go to the [itmc] item collection.

    click on the smg and go to the dependency window.

    click on the only thing that is in that window.

    change the dependency/LoneID to a BR.

    now i think you go to the [weap] tag and swap the smg with the .../ball/ball.

    Drive Anything!:

    Drive anything

    What you probably know is that everybody in a modded game without a mod chip can only see projectiles that shoot out of a Plasma Pistol or a Rocket Launcher.
    What you probably didn't know is that there is one weapon, than when you change the skin of it, everybody can see the different skin, too. That weapon is the sentinel beam.

    First thing you have to do it go to the <weap> tag, and open up the sentinel_agressor. Go to the Dependencies Swapper, and change the <hlmt> tag (objects\weapons\support_low\sentinel_gun\sentinel_gun) to whatever model you want to drive.

    So yes, you can drive a mine, an uberchassis, a box, an , or a turret. Anything in the hlmt tag.

    Next, open the <vehi> tag and open the vehicle that you want to swap to with. Choose if you want it fly, choose gho[/color=white]st if you want it to have a boost, or choose warthog if you want more than one person in it at a time. Open up the Dependency Swapper and change the <weap> there (either banshee_gun, ghost_gun, or warthog horn) to the Sentinel Beam.

    Finally, open up the <mode> tag and scroll down until you find a file path in there that begins with [objects/vehicles/*the vehicle you just edited*]. Open every file that belongs to that vehicle in the Dependency editor and Null Out whatever you see it there.

    For the or , there are only four file paths that you have to open and then Null out, but for the warthog there is about ten.

    Then do the same thing for the shad tag, the lens tag, and the cont tag.

    What this does it make every part of the vehicle invisible except for the weapon. And of course, the weapon is a sentinel beam with a different skin that everybody in the game can see.

    Good luck and have fun.

    No reload:

    Go to the battle rifle or any weapon u want it on and go to battle rifle under [weap]. go down till u see clip and click the arrow next to it. click on the 0 that comes down. now, in all of those boxes, rename the numbers to 10000 and u shouldnt have to reload when host.

    Everyone can superjump:

    step 1-open dot halo and the map u want everyone to superjump on
    step 2-go to [bipd]biped and select a charater
    step 3-go to jump height in the tag editor and change it to at least 500 and save changes,do with all the characters if u want
    step 4-go to [phmo]physics model and select the character
    step 5-go to the tag editor and uncheck the alive box
    step 6-change the object weight to 0
    step 7-save changes and fix encryption
    Have Fun!

    Change weapon sound!:

    For this you will need CH2R

    Step 1:Open a map of your choice in CH2R

    Step 2:Then go to sounds and then weapons and pick a weapon of your choice(ill use the magnum as an example).

    Step 3:pick magnum_fire.snd! or something close to that right click and go to swap.

    Step 4:pick any sound you like and then hit swap on the little menu.

    Step 5:Close that box and re sign the map then ftp it to your xbox and enjoy.

    Gravity Gun!:

    OK you will need dot halo open dotahlo then open up the map you would like to use i will use coaugulation for this example and the sniper rifle, now the first step is open jpt! tag because we dont want the sniper rifle to kill anyone so we are going to decrease damage on it to zero, now open up Sniper_Rifle_Bullet and you will see,
    Minimum Damage 45
    Damage [min] 45
    Damage [max] 45
    Now change all these to a value of ZERO.
    Next you will see the tag
    Force 0.25 now change this to around 25 or 30 or anywhere you want depending on how far u wanna push s*** 400 will destroy any vehicle from spinning it so much and kill your friends from hitting barrier so hard most likely.
    Next, We will make it so it can reach your friends from across the map so you can push them away from anywhere
    Open [Proj] tag and you will see some tags called
    Projectile Life Distance 120
    Life Span 120
    put a zero on each of these so it will reach from anywhere
    NOW finally we are goin to Increase the speed at which your projectile reaches the target, For this i will make it increadibly fast but you could make it slow or anywhere in between if you'd like.
    You will see two tags labeled,
    Initial projectile Speed 1200
    Final Projectile Speed 1200
    I would only up this to around 3500 so it will be across the map in a matter of half a second lol. Now your done just resign the map and Hex Edit the Sig the 1337 way or im sure most of you have a map resigner these days since its common knowledge where to get them at


    First, open up dot halo. Then open up the map you want to be invincible on. Click on the hlmt tag. Then click on the character that you want to be invincible (that also means everyone that is that character will also be invincible). Then click in the tag editor invulnerable yes. Save changes and your character is now invincible!

    Jackal Shield in Multiplayer!:

    Step 1 -Open Maps
    First, open Insolence. Within Insolence, open the multiplayer map which you would like to add the weapon to and any single player map which contains the jackal_shield.weap tag. For this tutorial, I'm going to move the jackal shield from 05a_deltaapproach.map into turf.map.

    Step 2-Drag & Drop
    In the 05a_deltaapproach.map window, locate the jackal_shield.weap. Left click it once to select it, then left click again and Drag&Drop the tag into turf.map.

    Step 3-MoveBox
    A small status box will pop up to give you information about what the program is doing while you wait. The longest part is usually "Relinkng" and it may seem like it froze.. it didn't, it just has to do a lot of file reading & writing at this point, so let it be. When the move is done, this box will go away.

    Step 4-Update the FP Model Dependencies
    Once the tag is in the multiplayer map (turf in this example), locate the jackal_shield.weap again. This time, Double Click the tag to open it for editing. Use the IFP Plugin in Dev Mode to make sure that both chunks of the FP Model reflexive contains a FP model and an animation. For the reflexive, chunk 0 should be Masterchief's FP Model & Animations, and chunk 1 should be the FP Model and Animations for an Elite. In chunk 0 it should be all filled out so leave it alone in this case. In chunk 1 it is Nulled Out so you got to change it. For the Model (mode) put objects\weapons\melee\jackal_shield\fp_jackal_shield\fp_jackal_shield and for the Animation (jmad) put objects\characters\dervish\fp\weapons\pistol\fp_plasma_pistol\fp_plasma_pistol. Yes Plasma Pistol, Trust me it will work, u will have a FP Jackal Shield and you will see it on the ground as a Jackal Shield

    Step 5-Getting the Weapon in the Game
    Now the weapon has to be placed into the game play somehow. There are many ways to do this which include swapping weapon projectiles to the new weap tag, or creating a new itmc and swapping it in the scnr. The easiest way to do this is to open an [itmc] tag and change the dependency to the new jackal_shield.weap. I will swap it with the shotgun. Locate and Open the shotgun.itmc tag with an IFP plugin. Change the dependency to the new weap tag. Now all the shotguns in the game will be changed to jackal shield's.

    Step 6-Fix Encryption
    Once the FP Models are fixed, and the item is in the game somewhere, all you have to do is select "Fix Map Encryption" from the Map Options menu, close the map, close Insolence, FTP it up to the xbox, and enjoy your jackal shield.

    Arbiter in Multiplayer!:

    Step 1- Open Maps
    First, open Insolence. Now, open the multiplayer map in which would like to play as the Arbiter. Also open any campaign map in which you play as the Arbiter. For this tutorial I will use beavercreek.map and 08b_deltacontrol.map.

    Step 2- Drag & Drop
    To bring the Arbiter into the multiplayer map, there are three different things that we're going to need to drag over: the object properties, the first person legs, and the first person arms. For each one, left click it once to select it, then left click again and drag & drop the tag into beavercreek.map. It will add each recursively, The following are the paths for the three tags:

    Step 3- MoveBox
    Each time you drag & drop a tag, a small status box will pop up to give you information about what the program is doing while you wait. The longest part is usually "Relinking" and it may seem like it froze.. it didn't, it just has to do a lot of file reading & writing at this point, so let it be. When the move is done, this box will go away.

    Step 4- Swap Elite's Object Properties
    Once all of the tags are in you multiplayer map, you do not need the campaign map anymore. Locate the elite_mp.bipd tag in your MP map, and this time double click the tag to open it. It should open with the IFP plugin to edit it. Under "Show" click on "visible dependencies". Find the Object Properties (hlmt) dependency, it should be on the top. Double click on its ID box and bring up the drop box. Scroll to the very bottom of the drop box and select "objects\characters\dervish\dervish". Click somewhere in the empty area of the plugin to finalize the change. Close the elite_mp.bipd tag.

    Step 5- Fixing Stuff
    At the time I'm writing this, Insolence does not support sound. Open the Arbiter's object properties tag (objects\characters\dervish\dervish.hlmt) with the IFP plugin. At the top of the plug-in area, there is a label which says "Edit Mode", click on it to switch to "Dev Mode". Then click on "all dependencies". Swap dervish's udlg dependecy for the elite's (sound\dialog\combat\elite_mp). Now your arbiter will yell when he's hurt.
    The Arbiter's overshield tends to look odd. To fix this I am going to change his OS shaders to match the regular elite's. Still in the dervish.hlmt tag, go to the 3rd reflexive (Unknown2). Once in that reflexive, go to it's dependencies by clicking on "all dependencies". Make the first two shaders "objects\characters\elite\shaders\elite_plasma_shield_fp" and "objects\characters\elite\shaders\elite_plasma_shield" repectively. Make the last two shaders "objects\characters\elite\shaders\overshield_fp" and "objects\characters\elite\shaders\overshield" respectively.

    Step 6- Change the Elite's FP Models
    Open the global.matg tag with the IFP plug-in. It has the following path: globals/globals.matg. Switch to "Dev Mode". Under the Reflexives, click on the "Unknown" that is right underneath "Player Information" (unknown8). It will open chunk 0 under that reflexive by default. Use the combo box to select chunk 3, which is the chunk for the elite's FP models and biped. The first dependency is the FP arms model. Double click its ID and select "objects\characters\dervish\fp\fp" from the drop box. It should be near the bottom. The next dependency is the FP body (legs). Double click its ID and select "objects\characters\dervish\fp_body\fp_body". It should also be near the bottom of the list. After it is selected, click somewhere in the empty area of the plug-in to finalize the change. Close the globals.matg tag.

    Step 7- Fix Encryption
    Select "Fix Map Encryption" from the Map Options menu, close the map, and FTP it up to the Xbox.

    Heritic Elite in Multiplayer!:

    First, open Insolence. Now, open the multiplayer map in which you would like to play as a Heretic Elite. Also open any campaign map in which you encounter Heretic Elite (04a_gasgiant, 04b_floodlab). For this tutorial I will use burial_mounds.map and 04b_floodlab.map.

    Step 2- Drag & Drop
    To bring the Heretic Elite into the multiplayer map, you only need to click and drag only one thing over, and that is the biped tag.
    Navigate to objects\characters\heretic\heretic, left click once to select it, and then left click again on the tag and drag and drop it into burial_mounds.map's tag-list window.

    Step 3- MoveBox
    Each time you drag & drop a tag, a small status box will pop up to give you information about what the program is doing while you wait. The longest part is usually "Relinking" and it may seem like it froze.. It didn't, it just has to do a lot of file reading & writing at this point, so let it be. When the move is done, the box will go away.

    Step 4- Closing Unneeded Maps
    Now that you have copied the tags from the single-player map to the multiplayer map, you can close the single-player map (04b_floodlab.map) as you will not be needing it anymore.

    Step 5- Adjusting the Biped for Multiplayer
    Now you must adapt the biped so that it works correctly and looks sexy at the same time!
    Locate and open the bipd tag "heretic". On the right side of the window you should see a large table filled with doodads that seem important.
    In the Value column, change the following:
    1. Next to Default Team, double-click on "6.) Heretic" and change that to "1). Player"
    2. Change the Grenade Velocity from 15 to 10
    3. Change the Grenade Count from 0 to 4
    5. Change the Jump Velocity from 3 to 3.08
    6. Change the Max Hard Landing Time from 2 to 0
    7. Change the Min Soft Landing Velocity from 1 to 1.5
    8. Change the Min Hard Landing Velocity from 3 to 7
    9. Change the Max Hard Landing Velocity from 6 to 12
    10. (Optional) Change the Standing Camera Height from 0.6 to 0.62
    11. (Optional) Change the Crouching Camera Height from 0.3 to 0.45
    Now you've adjusted it's stats to make it more or less equal to the multiplayer Elite.

    Step 6- Giving the Biped a HUD
    Now you must give the biped a HUD to display the player's health. With the heretic.bipd tag still open, click on the blue "Hud Interfaces" text. Now you will see a dropdown box with the number 0 highlighted - this is what's called a chunk - and beneath it a Nulled Out nhdt Tag Type dependency. Double-click "Nulled Out", click the down arrow, and pick ui\hud\dervish for a purple HUD, or ui\hud\masterchief for a blue HUD. At the dropdown box where chunk 0 is, click the down arrow and choose chunk 1. Swap that "Nulled Out" for the same HUD type that you picked for chunk 0. Now you can close the .bipd tag by clicking the "Close Tag" button.

    Step 7- Setting the Permutation
    Navigate to the hlmt tag for objects\characters\heretic\heretic, and double click the tag to open it. Once it's open, click on the text that says "Edit Mode". When you click it, it should switch to "Dev Mode". What we are going to do now is set the model and sound dependencies by changing a string and all udlg dependencies to "sound\dialog\combat\elite_mp". Now you click on the blue "all dependencies" text. Change the udlg dependency from sound\dialog\combat\elite_loose to sound\dialog\combat\elite_mp. Now click the blue Variation reflexive. From there, double click the value "minor_scl", and type in or scroll to "default" (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!). Now click on All Dependencies and change "sound\dialog\combat\elite_loose" to "sound\dialog\combat\elite_mp". At the dropdown box, click on the down arrow and choose the next chunk (chunk 1). Click "all dependencies" again and change the udlg dependency from "sound\dialog\combat\elite_dogmatic" to "sound\dialog\combat\elite_mp". Navigate to the next chunk (chunk 2) and click "all dependencies", and change "sound\dialog\combat\heretic_leader" to "sound\dialog\combat\elite_mp" and do the same for the next chunk (chunk 3), go to chunk 4's "all dependencies" and change "sound\dialog\combat\elite_loose" to "sound\dialog\combat\elite_mp", go to chunk 5's "all dependencies" and change "sound\dialog\combat\elite_dogmatic" to "sound\dialog\combat\elite_mp".

    Step 8- Fixing the Shaders and Effects
    In the far left of the plugin part of the heretic.hlmt tag, under "Show", click "all dependencies", and replace the first Nulled Out shad dependency with "objects\characters\elite\shaders\active_camo". Now under Reflexives, click Unknown 2, and then in the plugin section for Unknown 2, click "all dependencies". Change the first shad reference to "objects\characters\elite\shaders\elite_plasma_shield_fp", change "objects\characters\heretic\shaders\plasma_shield" to "objects\characters\elite\shaders\elite_plasma_shield". Change the first Nulled Out effe to "effects\objects\characters\elite\shield_damaged", change "effects\objects\characters\heretic\heretic_shield_depletion" to "effects\objects\characters\elite\elite_shield_depletion", and change the remaining nulled out effe to "effects\objects\characters\elite\shield_recharge". Change the next Nulled Out shad dependency to "objects\characters\elite\shaders\elite_overshield_fp", and change the remaining one to "objects\characters\elite\shaders\elite_overshield". Close the tag.

    Step 9- Making the Heretic Elite Spawn Instead of the Regular Elite
    Navigate to the matg tag "globals\globals", and open it. Switch to Dev Mode and on the left, choose Unknown 8 (right below "Player Information"). Switch to Chunk 3 and swap the bipd dependency from "objects\characters\elite\elite_mp" to "objects\characters\heretic\heretic".
    Close the tag.

    Step 10- Fix Encryption
    Select "Fix Map Encryption" from the Map Options menu, close the map, close Insolence and FTP it up to the Xbox.

    Shadow in multiplayer:

    Step 1- Open Maps
    First, open Insolence. Now, open the multiplayer map in which would like use the Shadow. Also open any campaign map in which contains the Shadow. For this tutorial I will use coagulation.map and 03a_oldmombassa.map.

    Step 2- Drag & Drop
    To bring the Shadow completely into the multiplayer map, there's one tag that we're going to need to drag over: objects\vehicles\creep\creep.vehi. Left click it once to select it, then left click again and drag & drop the tag into coagulation.map. It will add it recursively.

    Step 3- MoveBox
    Each time you drag & drop a tag, a small status box will pop up to give you information about what the program is doing while you wait. The longest part is usually "Relinking" and it may seem like it froze.. it didn't, it just has to do a lot of file reading & writing at this point, so let it be. When the move is done, this box will go away. You can now close your campaign map.

    Step 4- Fix the Seats
    As this vehicle was made for campaign and only meant to be driven by non-playable characters, you're going to need to edit it to make it work for you in multiplayer. I'm going to walk you through fixing the driver seat and the turret. Double click the creep's vehicle tag that you just added to open it up with its IFP. Switch to "Dev Mode" and click on the "unknown11" reflexive. The first chunk (#0) is the driver seat. Change it's first string ID to "warthog_d". Go to the second chunk (#1), the gunner. Change it's first string ID to "warthog_g". This is necessary because the MC and the MP elite don't have the animations for using the turret or driving the Shadow, but they do for the spectre.
    At the top of the plugin area, click on "Change Plugin" and switch to the XML vehicle plugin. Go to the "Seats" reflexive. Change the "Disable Seat" flag to "False". Go to chunk 2 (#1). Change the "Turret Seat" flag to "True". You can now close the creep.vehi tag.

    Step 5- Place the Shadow
    There are a number of ways to place the Shadow on the map. I am going to replace the wraith with it through Multiplayer Globals (multiplayer\multiplayer_globals.mulg). Open it with the IFP and switch to "Dev Mode". Select the second unknown reflexive (unknown2). Now select its second unknown reflexive (unknown2). Go to the forth chunk (#3) and change its only dependency's ID to "objects\vehicles\creep\creep". You can now close the multiplayer_globals.mulg tag.

    Step 6- Fix Encryption
    Select "Fix Map Encryption" from the Map Options menu, close the map, and FTP it up to the Xbox.

    Flying gauss cannon!:

    Ok I will be doing this in dothalo. I will be making the gauss cannon flyable and make it get shot from a pp. This tut will also make the gauss so it has NO banchee parts or sounds.

    Open up the map you want it on(I will be using containment) and go to the [vehi] tag and click on the banchee. Highlight and copy the "meta offset" at the top.

    Now, go down and click on the gauss and at the top paste the banchee's "meta offset" in the place of the gauss'.

    Now, go to the dependencies window for the gauss. Change the hlmt from banchee to gauss.

    And click save changes.

    Now at this point the gauss is fully flyable, but how do you get it Well that's what the next part of the tut is. Those of you experienced enough that know how to change the projectile of the pp or rocket to the gauss can skip this part, you are done , but please read my last comment, you may be able to help

    Ok I am going to make the normal plasma bolt shoot the gauss turret so you can get to fly it .

    Go to the [weap] tag, and go down to the plasma pistol. Go to the pp's dependencies window and click the plasma bolt projectile. Go up and change the tag to [vehi] and in the dependencies drop down scroll down to gauss.


    For those of you that don/t know the landfill room is a big white room with single player char models and vehicals in it here is an easy way to get it.

    ftp to your xbox and pick a map(ill use midship.map as n example) delete it then rename single player shared.map to midship.map and walla you have the landfill room

    Changing Player Spawns!:

    Here we go, how to change player spawns. In this tutorial I will show how to change all player spawns on a map to another location. I will also tell you how to change individual spawns. Anyways, on with the tut.

    Things you'll need:

    CordFinder by GlitchyGuardian
    PlayerSpawn by GlitchyGuardian
    Map resigner

    Everything you need is available in Antman's modding tools. So first, fire up CordFinder. Go to file->load map view. Now navigate to where the modding tools are installed, and then go to the CordFinder folder, then "contentmaps." For this tutorial, we are going to be changing the spawn points of Elongation, so click that one and open it.

    You should now be presented with a screen like this:

    Now, click "Zoom In" once or twice to get a bit of a better view. We are now going to get the X and Y coordinates for a spot outside of the map. So mouse over the spot where you want your player to spawn. Keep in mind that we are not changing the height of the spawn, so somewhere in the black space is preferred. Ok, so double click where you want to spawn and the X and Y coordinates should freeze.

    The X and Y coordinates are displayed in the red circle above. I suggest copying them to notepad as they appear for safe keeping. Now that you have your spawn coordinates, you'll need to replace the old spawns with your new ones.

    Open up PlayerSpawns by GlitchyGuardian now. Open your Elongation.map that your
    If you click the drop down menu near "small view" you will scroll down to see 79 different numbers. These are the spawn points, thus there are 79 different spawns on this map. Now, to save time we are going to make every spawn point on the map our new outside the map point. To do this, we are going to need to make spawns 0-79 our new spawn. To do this, make sure the Change Values says from 0 to 79, and
    Now there is one more thing. We need the Z coordinate (the height). So, we need to go into DotHalo and find an existing height of a spawn and use that as ours. Open Elongation in DotHalo. Navigate to the SCNR tag and go to the tag editor. Scroll down until you see "player spawn." Click on the drop down menu and choose spawn 0. You should now see the coordinates of spawn 0.

    Now we need the Z coordinate, so copy that. And paste it into the Z field of PlayerSpawn.

    Click "Change Range" on PlayerSpawn. Now click "Save Map." A message should come up telling you of it's success.

    Now you just need to resign the map with a resigner, fire it up and enjoy spawning outside of Elongation! By:GolfrGuy7

    Spawn with battle rifle, no one else!:

    Only works with duel wield anything

    Ok first open dothalo

    Then open your map in the map editor

    then goto tags


    go to the weapon tag and click on objects\weapon\rifle\battlerifle

    then go to tag editor and check equip to left arm only

    then do back to tag and goto itmc item collection click on multiplayer\singleweapons\smg

    then goto dependencies goto weapon tag and goto battle rifle. click save changes

    then do the same with battle rifle to smg

    then fix encyption then close map


    STEP 1 open dothalo and the map you want

    STEP 2 go to the proj tab select rockets

    STEP 3 go to the tag editor DAMMAGE EFFECT DISTANCE change that to like 1E + 100000 the more you put the bigger the explosion

    STEP 4 You are done for unless you want ot make slow moving so you can get out of the way Change the initial projectile speed 1 and the final projectile speed to 1

    SICKDICK Member

    Oct 11, 2005
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    When you download Dot Halo should it have most of the updated plugins already with it or do i have to download them?
  3. xyron

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  4. fsu9506

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  5. playhalo2

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    Ok this tutorial is cool and everything, but how do i get the maps from halo2 onto my computer to edit them? Do i have to softmod my xbox? And if i do wat do i do after i softmod it? I have dothalo and everything, but i dunno how to open maps. Can someone help a wannabe modder out? :)
  6. Ca$h

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    Jun 23, 2005
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    Go to xboxrevamped.tk, you will find out everything.
  7. SIBOT666

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    ftp to your xbox
  8. bakis

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    Nov 13, 2005
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    do i need to be connected to splinter cell and stuff while im doing this? and can i patch them in dot halo, so i dont need ppf o-matic if i make my own? or do i?
  9. DarkTekno

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    Nov 13, 2005
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    no u dont need ppf-o-matic only dothalo
  10. Halo2Modr

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    So this is all i need to mod my halo 2 maps and then mod online?
  11. DarkTekno

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    yes, mod them and fix encription, then sign with cmr or some program like that then ftp n play!!
  12. Halo2Modr

    Halo2Modr Guest

    ok i did this and when i try to use them on my xbox it says"the map is damaged or cannot be found" now what do i do?
  13. DarkTekno

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    thaty is y u need to sign them with cmr! or also Xapien C2 or Samesig
  14. DarkTekno

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    but i find that cmr works the best and is the most user frendly :)
  15. help12345

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    how do i shoot out a scareb out of my rockets
  16. dduval

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    where is the x and y spawn coord's for the one where projectiles drop from the sky
  17. drkninja

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    n-e-body know where to get a working link to h2x? Plz help
  18. poopscoop

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  19. playhalo2

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    the only map i can open is acenscion the rest say "not a valid Halo 2 Map" help! also, is it hard to upgrade hdd because i ran out of room after copying two games. (and Halo 2 doesn't even work it says "disk may be dirty or damaged" but im using the hdd not the disk! but slinter cell works?) some1 plz help me. i have evox dash. help!
  20. playhalo2

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    ok now i have a modded acension (modded by h2edit) and i saved changes. how do i get it onto my xbox? should i ftp then just copy my acension save file over the old one? or just paste it and have a totally new one?

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