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get xbox and other great stuff 4 just £20

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by alanpartr, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. alanpartr

    alanpartr Guest

    Thought u all might be interested in this ;)

    Just foud a great new site www.itsfree2u.co.uk

    When joining for a free gift please use my refferal id (Jonathan Grimmer - 3.9.04)
    as it puts my free gift higher in the que. Please believe me, it really works as I have already got an ipod and widescreen plasma T.V. just from paying £20 for the 4 pack of mobile phone signal boosters.

    PS if you wanted to know what i'm getting next its the cannon EOS digital camera - I think i'm 54 in the que.

    More details below and on website - alanpartridge :)

    How it works
    When you buy our product - 4 pack of mobile phone signal boosters - for £20 (or 35 EUR / $40 USD for foreign customers), your name is entered onto a waiting list for a free gift of your choice.
    Most of the profit from sales of the mobile phone accessories are used to purchase the gifts. When the required number of new members join the list, the person who is at the top of the list has their choice of free goods shipped, and the person below them takes their place at the top of the list. You are guaranteed to receive your free gift once your name reaches the top of the list.

    You can choose from a wide range of free gifts, ranging from the latest mobile phones, laptops, ipods, through to plasma TV's and games consoles.

    Lists have different lengths depending on the value of the item. In the example below, for every five customers who are added to a list, the person at the top of the list receives their product.

    You don't have to make any referrals to get your gift. However, many people find that referring new people to the site can drastically reduce your waiting time.

    Each time a person purchases our products giving your referral id (Your name as it appears on the list and the date you joined), you will jump ahead of the two people above you in the list.

    If the person above you has either more referrals than you do or has the same amount and joined on an earlier date you will move to the spot below them.

    The more people you refer, the faster the list fills up, the higher in the list you get, and the faster you get your free gift.

    For example, if you join a list which has a length of 7 in 4th place, you just need to refer three people to fill up the list and put yourself at the top of the list and receive your free gift.

    Good places to advertise are online auction sites - if you're in the iPod list then you could advertise in the relevant category for iPods, giving the url of this site, and asking people to use your referral ID when they join. Internet forums are another good place to advertise. Remember to ask them to give your referral ID when joining to earn your referral credits.

    You can also refer yourself - you can purchase as many of our products as you like, and each time you do so, you can refer yourself, and earn a referral. You can join another list, or even join the same list multiple times.

    The waiting time for you to get your free gift depends on how popular the item is, how many people you refer, and the number of people joining the list. The more people who join the list, the faster you get your free gift. You could have a long waiting time, or you could have a short waiting time, but you are still getting products for a fraction of their usual price.
  2. lynch190

    lynch190 Guest

    Why dont you fusk off with youre stupid scams, nobody(evn Bill Gates) gives away $100,000 worth of things away.

    And while youre at it, take a bottle of brown hair dye, YOU GINGER BASTARD, look at you coming in to these forums, sticking up the place.

    _X_X_X_X_X_[small]fusk it all and no regrets
    I hit the lights on these dark sets
    I need a voice to let myself
    To let myself go free
    fusk it all and fusk regrets
    I hit the lights on these dark sets
    Medallion noose I hang myself
    St. Anger round my neck
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