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Gigabit Ethernet Setup???

Discussion in 'Other PC hardware' started by scrubz, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. scrubz

    scrubz Guest

    I just bought a Gigabit ethernet card hoping to increase my bandwidth and dl rate. I have only one problem... the cable company I get my internet from, has a Terayon Cable Modem they issue as it will only allow 10/100 through the connection but i was told there is certain ways to configure it so that it will accept 10/100/1000. Does anyone know how to bypass this issue so i can get the increase on my connection rate???
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  3. The_OGS

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    Feb 18, 2004
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    Cable modems will not do 100Mbs - their throughput is generally limited to 10Mbs (perfectly adequate for a typical ISP bandwidth).
    Maybe you could get something hooked up at 1000Mbs... but why do you think that would increase your connection rate?
    10Mbs = 1.25MBs (which is four times my Sympatico highspeed connection of ~300KBs).
    But it's a nice thought though...
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  4. scrubz

    scrubz Guest

    I was told there is a way to bypass the modem to get better download speeds. Im using Shaw Highspeed Cable Internet, if anyone is familiar with it, and im using a terayon cable modem.
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