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help, can't get rid of subtitles

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by Deeman, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Deeman

    Deeman Guest

    I am backing up the golden girls for my grandmother. Trying to make it where she doesn't have to mess with the menu. I used shrink to cut out the menu and subtitles. It works like I want it to as far as the menu but the subtitles are still there. I even can't cut them off using the dvd player subtitle option. What do I try now?
  2. laddyboy

    laddyboy Regular member

    Jan 4, 2005
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    Did you uncheck all the subtitles boxes when you reauthored with DVD Shrink?

    Where are you located? What is your language? What is the subtitled language? Is it possible these "subtitles" are actually part of the video stream? Sometimes these things are mastered for foreign distribution with on screen subtitles. I don't know any specifics about this title.


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