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HELP---I can't hear backup audio cd's on PC

Discussion in 'Audio' started by lwarlockl, Dec 25, 2002.

  1. lwarlockl

    lwarlockl Guest

    Hi, first let me say that I do not burn illegal game or audio cd's - I do backup the ones I own however, now with that out of the way.......
    My problem is that I can't backup my music cd's, I use Nero, and I do a copy cd, it tells me that it is protected and it has like two "ss" in the protection field, it copies ok but I cant hear anything when I play it on my PC.
    So I looked around on this forum for hours and got a copy of clone cd and clonyxxl
    i used clonyxxl and it told me it was an audio cd and it had some settings there, I ran clone CD and used the clonyxxl settings, still the same, the tracks are there but I cant hear them....but when i use music match to record off that burnt cd i hear it play while it records???????...whats up with that????

    my specs -
    win98 SE
    PIII 1 gig
    512 sd ram
    pioneer DVD-rom 115 1.33
    Samsung cdr/rw sw240b r403

    So is there a way around this?
    I use the latest CloneCD
    Help would be great as I just got into backups


  2. miensoja

    miensoja Member

    Dec 24, 2002
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    Weird, I've had the same problem and when I extract the audio tracks from the backup disc and convert it to mp3 the track moves on but I do not hear anything and the time elapsed keeps on going.
  3. lwarlockl

    lwarlockl Guest

    OK try and explain this.....
    in a last ditch attempt, I downloaded alchol 120%, and tryed to backup another CD I own....it worked....but thats not the weird part, when i put in the first blank CD i backed up with nero or cloneCD....that worked to I can hear the music now...I did not change drivers or use a different drive or a different player, the only thing is I installed alchol and rebooted my PC
    so now I'm not sure what copy app worked, I will try them and see....

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