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I am a noob, researched, but couldn't find answers!

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by xsbling, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. xsbling

    xsbling Guest

    As you all might figured, I am very new to this. I just got a lite-on dvd/rw for xmas. I downloaded dvd shrink, decryptor, img, and nero. I read the guides, how to's, and the forum but am very much confused. I'll just get to the point.

    Seems when using dvd shrink, u have 2 options: 1. rip the dvd in HD, and retrieve for compression and burning, or 2. open disk from dvd rom.

    Since dvd shrink has a built-in decryptor, is it possible to use dvd shrink from original dvd and compress/do analysis etc... without actually ripping it in the HD?

    Seems DVD-R is the choice for everyone than DVD+R. I didn't know this b/4 and bought DVD+R. Should I not even try with this and go with DVD-R?

    Thank you very much and happy holidays to you all.
  2. vazz

    vazz Member

    Jan 21, 2004
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    Dvd shrink you must put the image to hard drive i then use decrypter to burn the disk. DVD+ are fine, great for ps2 games never had a coaster yet. Keep reading the guides you'll get there
  3. cobruh2k

    cobruh2k Member

    Jan 8, 2004
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    Like everyone else here, I've used DVD-Rs exclusively as they are slightly more compatible with most DVD players. Then one day someone gave me a DVD+R to use, and using Shrink and Nero as I always do, I ripped and burned a movie on the DVD+R. Lo and behold, it plays perfectly in my home DVD player. So it's a matter of preference and what kind of media best suits your DVD drives.

    This is an interesting link that tells you all about -Rs and +Rs.


    And, it's really no big deal to rip a DVD to your hard drive. If you use Shrink and Nero, the ripping and burning will occur consecutively and you won't even know the files have been ripped to your hard drive. If you need the space, just delete the folder after the burn.

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