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I can't uninstall DXTbmp

Discussion in 'Windows - Software discussion' started by corn, May 15, 2007.

  1. corn

    corn Guest

    I want to remove to DXTbmp, and I can't find an uninstaller anywhere! I don't need this anymore, and I would like it off. Is there any way to get it off?

  2. bluecoal

    bluecoal Guest

    Hi corn,

    Is there anything in control panel add/remove programs for that app?
    If there is, try that first.

    Look in c:\programfiles for a folder DXTbmp or the name of the company that made that app. Look in the folder for an uninstall program and try running that if there is one. If there is not you can try the unsophisticated brute force approach of just deleting the folder (the DXTbmp app folder only- DO NOT delete the program files folder). This will leave registry entries and may leave some files in other locations, but should stop the app from running.

    If the folder won't delete because of files in use, post back and I think I can talk to you about another tool to help get the situation cleaned up.

  3. corn

    corn Guest

    Ok, so the file is located in C:\Graphics. And then it has the program, DXTbmp is the only file in there, so should I just delete that?
  4. bluecoal

    bluecoal Guest

    inside the folder c:\graphics
    are we talking about a folder containing other files?

    or a file?
  5. corn

    corn Guest

    Thats were its located. Sorry for such a late reply.
  6. bluecoal

    bluecoal Guest

    You can delete the c:\graphics folder.
  7. bluecoal

    bluecoal Guest

    (as long as there is nothing else in it that you want to keep. I did a test install of the program and it created that path - it is ok to delete it all unless you have also installed some other product that uses the same paths. If that's the case, just delete the dxtbmp folder and that will remove that specific software.)
  8. corn

    corn Guest

    Thank you so much!!

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