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I'm not even sure how to classify my problem-please, any help?

Discussion in 'PC hardware help' started by FatNinja, Sep 4, 2004.

  1. FatNinja

    FatNinja Guest

    Hello, long time lurker in the shadows here(as we ninjas are wont to do), first time poster. Here's my problem:

    My system specs: hp nx9005 laptop winXP 512Ram 20gig HD 1.8 athlon processor, with an external NEC 2510a dual layer DVD burner attached via firewire.

    I've had to get an Adaptec duoconnect card (2 usb2 ports, 2 firewire ports), as I also have an external usb2 80gig HD. This card, I thought, would connect everything in a painless manner. I was wrong.

    My problem : For some reason, the duoconnect card is not properly interfacing with my NEC burner (at least, I think this is my problem, I'm actually not sure). Whenever I try to burn an already saved file to disc, either from my internal HD or external HD, I get an error message 'unable to write sectors [x]-[y]'(the values for x & y are always different). I've tried with both dvdcopy Xpress & decrypter.

    I know that the burner USED to work, connected via my OLD card, which was just a 3 port firewire card. It used to work well, I've made more than 20 backups that way.

    Can anyone help straighten me out with this one? Does what I've said even make any sense? Please provide any help tht you can, as I am at a loss even to know where to begin to look for a way to solve this problem, though I believe I've narrowed it down to this duoconnect card.

    -Thank you in advance,
  2. Sefiroth

    Sefiroth Guest

    I find a good place to start is ussually the manufacturer web site (depending on how old your hardware is). Most places have got a database of problems that have already been sent in, or you can place your own. try this for all your hardware involved

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