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i'm stuck, lol... how to get around the 2gig limit?

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by :flood:, Dec 9, 2002.

  1. :flood:

    :flood: Guest


    ok... i started off with a couple of ~700mb divx files and extracted the wavs with virtualdub, used tmpgenc to create dvd compliant mpegs... worked fine. i ended up with a couple of 2.1 - 4.1 gb mpegs.

    next i tried burning one of the mpegs to dvd-r with nero, yet it tells me they're too big (over 2 gigs). I also tried authoring the dvds with both MyDVD and Ulead's DVD Workshop... both seem to clip the endings of the movies.

    is there a way around the 2gig limitation or what the hell am i doing wrong? I know I could go back and re-encode the videos with a lower bitrate, but I didn't want to compromise any quality.

    I've been searching the web for answers and been reading lots of posts... still clueless and would appreciate any help.
  2. seamonkey

    seamonkey Regular member

    Nov 3, 2002
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    what OS are you using?
    Windows 2000 and Windows XP are more suitable for dvd ripping/burning due to the NTFS file system (you'll need to convert your drive to NTFS). Windows 98 runs off a FAT32 files system, it does not support files over 2GBs in size.
    hope that helps
  3. :flood:

    :flood: Guest

    thanks, seamonkey :) I converted my drives to ntfs and files over 2gb are no longer a problem. I'm running XP, btw.
    But, lol... now I'm confused regarding file sizes when authoring/burning. For example, one of my mpegs is 3.2gb. Yet when I go to author a dvd (using dvdit, ulead dvd workshop or ulead dvd factory), at some point I'm told there's not enough space on the dvd. Huh? lol... freakin conspiracy. Why's that? The menu was simple with just a background image and two buttons.
    My first succesfully burned dvd consisted of a 1.7gb mpeg2 animation i had created with tmpgenc. the quality was great. So, i figured i could burn two animations onto a single dvd - total ~3.4gb, right? Well within dvd space, I thought. But I keep running into the same problem - i'd get told my project was too big.
    I'd appreciate any help or info on this.
  4. :flood:

    :flood: Guest

    lmao, ok... i think i finally got it using spruceup and nero *wipes pearls of sweat off forehead*

    but i'm still damn curious about mydvd, ulead dvd factory + workshop.

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