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Discussion in 'DVDR' started by ataririot, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. ataririot

    ataririot Guest

    I have a Sony DRU-150A DVD +/-R.. I'm using NEro 6 and I'm getting a KEY_MEDIUM_ERROR..
    I know everyone will say to try a different program, but I've done that and none work - each giving me a different message and problem. I can burn CDs and DATA dvds but no movie dvds.
    I made the video with DVD Shrink tried both the video_ts folder transfer and ISO file and none work and both give me the same message. Any ideas? I've been losing my mind for a week trying to solve this.
    Media used: Starlogic (Princo) and verbatim.
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  2. sheppy124

    sheppy124 Regular member

    Apr 3, 2003
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    I pursume you have been successful before, what have you done differently this time, is it different media, Rollbacked you system, updated your firmware. These things could have had effect.
  3. ataririot

    ataririot Guest

    I saw a lot of people like me that were having problems with the Sony DRU-510A and finally i've got it all sorted out and i'm burning dvds like gangbusters.

    here is my set up that finally worked.
    1.I used the RecordNow! software that came with the DVD writers. (after trying everything else and finding that it never worked)
    2. I downloaded the DSS program from Sony, you have to use it on Silent mode when burning, but can you use overdrive when downloading from disc. it was taking 2 hours to decode with DVD Shrink.. now it takes 15 minutes.
    3. disable norton antivirus - there are issues if not.
    4. when you burn with record now do a data dvd and follow these instructions http://www.chrismccann.co.uk/recordnowmax.htm
    5. when using dvd shrink don't max out the size or you get buffer errors etc. i make my file size about 4.5 GB
    6. most important - your medium. i have yet to burn any Princo dvds. Sony is extrememly touching about medium. I can burn Verbatim and TDK. I haven't tried anything else but i can tell you these absolutely worked for me. Starlogic and other PRinco.. don't waste your money. Sony wants good dvds or you'll be burning coasters - btw some verbatim dvds still don't burn. i burned 9/10 and 1 was a coaster.

    i don't think there is anything else but if you have questions hit me.. also i updated the driver to 1.0f. and i didn't update recordnow - i used the same version that was on the dvd.. don't screw with it.. it worked when sony shipped it and you absolutely want the DSS program. when in overdrive that thing is amazing. the speed shoots up when decoding.

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