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LAME MP3 Problems - Won't start playing

Discussion in 'Audio' started by tdcat, Nov 13, 2004.

  1. tdcat

    tdcat Member

    Nov 13, 2004
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    Hi All,

    I'm trying to use the LAME MP3 codec as an alternative as the configuration options are better.

    Whenever I encode a file with LAME, I find that when I start playing the file (I'm still using WinMedia Player 6.4) it runs but I hear nothing unless I manually move to another part in the mp3. It's almost as if it's missing some kind of 'key frame' at the start that tells it to push the audio out to the speakers.

    I *never* have this problem when encoding with my usual Frauenhofer codec.

    Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

  2. diabolos

    diabolos Guest

    You should probibly upgrade to a new WMP (7.1 at least). Make sure your using the newest stable version of the LAME dll (version 3.96.1). There is a newer version but its not a stable one. Also, (I dont know if this could be the problem but...) variable (VBR) and constant (CBR) bit rate are differnt. WMP 6.4 may not fully support VBR.


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