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Lite-on 1633s won't burn DVDs

Discussion in 'DVD / Blu-ray drives' started by secret147, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. secret147

    secret147 Guest

    I just installed a Lite-on 1633s in my machine (Mounted as the Secondary Master w/ a Lite-on LTD-163d DVD reader as the secondary slave. The CPU is an AMD 1500+ in a Gigabyte GA-7VT600-1394 w/ 512meg ram) and can't get it to burn DVDs. I can't back-up a movie or even create a data disk. It says it is burning, but just sits there and runs . . . and runs . . . and runs . . . and . . .

    I updated the firmware to BSOS and have updated the NERO to and still nothing.

    I can't copy files in Nero, DVD Shrink, DVD X Platinum or even copy files manually in Windows Explorer.

    Here is a funny thing I noticed . . . when I went into Device Manager . . . it shows that the two drives are SCSI . . . what gives . . . is this the problem . . . do I have something set wrong so that the machine thinks they are SCSI drives??

    By the way . . . the Lite-on LTD-163d DVD reader won't work worth a dare either . . . it will read a DVD, but won't read a standard CD . . . if you click on it in Windows Explorer with a CD in it, it will just run and run and finally tell you to INSERT DISK . . . perpetually . . .

    Sorry so long a message . . .

    Big D
  2. Xsilver

    Xsilver Regular member

    Jan 10, 2004
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    Personally i dont mess around with the set up when its comes to a recorder. My preffered set up is:

    IDE 0 - Harddrive set as master, DVD rom set as slave.
    IDE 1 - DVD Recorder set as master.

    I always give any recorder its own IDE cable this will usually stop any problems you get.
  3. secret147

    secret147 Guest

    Yes, thank you for the response, but I guess forgot to mention that I am running two hard-drives on the IDE primary. I keep the two hard drives on the primary and the two DVDs on the secondary because I have always been told you are better to keep drives of the same speed chained together as opposed to mixing fast/slow slow/fast . . . is this correct?

    Also here is something else I just noticed . . . MY HARD DRIVES ARE ALSO SHOWING UP IN MS DEVICE MANAGER AS SCSI DRIVES. This is too wierd . . . this can't be correct . . . is something bad about to befall me???

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