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Media Player 11 doesn't like streaming audio.

Discussion in 'Windows - General discussion' started by LDee, Apr 3, 2007.

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    Jun 29, 2005
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    My media player seems to play streaming audio files fine for a while, then stops and just won't play them anymore. The types of file for example are .asx .m3u and .pls files (I have installed program to let pls play in wmp).

    All of these files have worked fine at one time or another, I usually download the .asx or .m3u file of an online radio station and then just double click that when I want to listen to its live streaming content, which has always worked fine for me, but now I usually get "Windows media player cannot play the file. The player might not support the file type...". It seems that when I get that warning once it stays like that for a long time. Even after I delete the file I've downloaded (and make sure it's not cached or in temp) and download it again or just try to open the file (stream without it downloaded, well, it will be in the temp folder...) to play it, it won't work.

    I've experienced this on multiple pc's, today all of my radio station files (3 x .m3u, 2 x .asx and 3 x .pls) are all not working displaying the same error as above.

    I suppose it is possible that the stream for each one of these is down at the same time but highly unlikely, however I cannot figure out a more plausible explaination.

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