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.mkv playback problems . Please help !

Discussion in 'Video playback problems' started by kapo13, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. kapo13

    kapo13 Regular member

    Jan 13, 2004
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    i have some .mkv files i`m having problems viewing

    They are also 1080i resolution , which type of files

    i can play if not .mkv .

    What happens is the video stutters-drags then stops constantly

    i`ve tried many players Ie: media player classic , vlc ,

    nero showtime , win media 11 ,power dvd etc

    i`ve followed the instructions i read about here in Afterdawn

    including downloading matroskasplitter , when un rared has a

    release and a Release Unicode folder . i cant do a thing with

    the files found in there .AX files , when i either right click

    and choose to register active x or double click the message is

    the specified module cant be found

    i1m stuck , can anyone help here ?

  2. celtic_d

    celtic_d Regular member

    Jan 23, 2005
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    Sounds like you have downloaded Gabest's splitter (the one built in to MPC). These days I would think that Haali's is more recommended, especially when using with the likes of WMP since it has an audio switcher built in.

    To playback 1080i streams, if they are H.264 is going to require a lot of CPU (also GPU with the right video card/driver/decoder combo) power. If you don't have enough power then the video is bound to stutter.

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