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My External DVD driver can read CD-R and DVD's but can't burn

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by razgriz1, May 1, 2007.

  1. razgriz1

    razgriz1 Guest

    For some reason, my external Sony DVD Driver(DRX-830U) can read CD-R and DVD's. It can burn CD-R but can't seem to burn game images to DVD's. I have alot of burning software like Nero, Alcohol 120%. Recently i updated my firmware. I used Sony's DVD+R to burn some images to DVD's and started out okay. After like 2 days, it won't burn anymore on Sony DVD's. Also I tried other DVD brands like Maxwell DVD+R and it worked out fine. Should I get DVD-R? Does Anyone know whats the problem with my DVD driver?
  2. razgriz1

    razgriz1 Guest

    also while using Alcohol 120% and Nero, when burning some reason the sony DVD Disc won't burn. IT just shows the time keep going and won't progress bar won't move using SONY'S DVD+R..
  3. razgriz1

    razgriz1 Guest


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