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need help voblanker!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by slmh1296, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. slmh1296

    slmh1296 Guest

    ive been reading up on people having problems with re2 i have not tried a backup of this dvd yet but i thought i would try it on eurotrip unrated .for practice because i love to learn how to before i need it.i downloaded vobblanker. On my dvd player i can get it to find the dvd and i can process all the files in to a output folder. In my burner it just locks up.thats another problem i dont have a answer too.here is the real question. what have i done wrong? with vobblanker. i left all the settings alone select all the files under title set and process. when it is done i tried to play the movie with Power Dvd it say file type unknown.okay i think lets move on to step 2 dvd shrink 3.2 when i tell it to open the video ts file it starts and goes right to a warning saying failed to read file (then location)invalid memory access. so i thought lets try dvd shrink 3.0 (always keep around) when i try 3.0 it says Cannot decrypt vobs reason is unknown.i know it processed the files the folder is 6.69gb.i have done over 125 dvd backups I got a pretty fair knowledge on the workings of how to do this. my dvd player is generic.my burner is a tdk-indi model dvdrw0404N 4X burns all dvd types its has been a great burner but like i said before it locks up under vobblanker which i find strange this thing has been so rock solid.I would like to thanks anybody before hand for any help plz!!!!!
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    Oct 17, 2004
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    I believe you just open the DVD with vobblanker, then click the "Process" tab at the bottom. Don't select anything? I know for sure I didn't select anything in the bottom box.

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