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***Nubie 2 DiviX and in need of help***

Discussion in 'DivX / XviD' started by techspec, Jan 14, 2003.

  1. techspec

    techspec Guest

    Hello Everyone, I am new to DiviX and have found that there are many codecs that are needed to assure that you can play most movies. My questions are then:

    1. Which DiviX Player should I be using and where can I download it?

    2. Which Codecs do I need and where can each of them be downloaded?

    3. Will DiviX software interfere with my DVD burning software?

    4. Is the best site for finding movies WinMx.com?

    5. I noticed that several movies were on multiple files. How does the player know that there is more than one file? Do you need all of the files in a single directory?

    Thanks Guys and I appreciate any help...

  2. Khisanth

    Khisanth Regular member

    Jan 2, 2003
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    I'll answer in short what I can and if you want you can ask further questions:

    1) there's a divx player that comes with the divx codec but it's a bit buggy and depending on what os, at least for me, wmp seems to do a good overall job of playing videos. but once you have the codec most players will be able to play the vid.

    2) well, there are the windows media codecs which I believe come with vcd, svcd and some others, but those are the most common along with xvid (not sure which version) and divx of which version 5.0(2?) is the latest and backwards compatible.

    3) the codecs itself shoud not "interfere" with the software, depending on how you actually mean "interfere". Now, that's not including the general, round-the-mill problems that software occasionally has with other software.

    4) Try different and stick with what you like best, it's kinda like what icecream flavor you like . . .

    5) some come in multiple files because they are too big to dl at once and it's more reliable to download separately. You'll see svcd's split up mostly and some divx/xvid but not that many vcd's split up (I think). Usually I like to dl the version that's just one big file, or I"ll dl the two separate and join them together. If it's too separate files then you either que it or open the file one at a time. In either case where it's located doesn't matter cause you a) have it queued so the player knows where the files are or b) are opening it one at a time so you know where the files are.

    Anything else?

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