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NVE 3 can't capture video

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by DIYDen, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. DIYDen

    DIYDen Guest

    Hi all, Very intersting site with loads of expert advice around so I hope you can help me please.
    I've recently purchased Nero 6 Reloaded which includes NVE 3. I want to use it to transfer family videos to DVD. When I try to capture video NVE just hangs and after a while I get a windows info box telling me the program (NVE Capture Video) is not responding and after that NVE just closes. I'm not sure if NVE is having a problem with the capture device I'm using which is a Belkin Hi-Speed USB DVD Creator. I also have Ulead Visual Studio 6 which came bundled with the Belkin box and that works OK for video capture. The Belkin box isn't mentioned on the Nero site, does that mean it will never work with NVE 3? I noticed that InCD is mentioned in quite a few posts with a recommendation that it should be removed to avoid conflicts, how important is InCD?
  2. Rotary

    Rotary Senior member

    Apr 10, 2003
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    hi there

    welcome to the forum!

    ok is your nero fully updated? i think its at v6.6.0.8a at present? if not try that first!

    also do you have incd loaded? it does cause problems but not sure if it conflicts itself meaning nero? but i would get rid just in case!

    also it could just be it doesnt like the app / hardware its pulling through? not sure on that.

    could try another app to grab the footage? or even try placing on hard drive and let nero pickit up from there!
  3. DIYDen

    DIYDen Guest

    Hi Rotary, both Nero and NVE are at the latest versions ( and I'll uninstall InCD as you suggest but as its a writing package I'm not sure what diference it will make to a capture process.
    I have tried VideoStudio 6 to capture data and it works OK and I was then able to Nero to write to create a VCD just as a test. I'm just a bit puzzled about the lack of functionality with NVE 3 and would have preferred to use one package for the whole process instead of 2. Mind you I could just use VideoStudio 6 all the way through I suppose. Is it worth using VS6 to capture video to disc and then Nero or NVE to burn the disc? What are the advantages and what's the best point in the process to change over from one application to another? When I used VS6 it seemed to combine a few smaller MPEG files into one larger MPEG as part of its rendering process. The larger file is then burnt to disc.

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