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Plzz Help me i am stuck with my box..............

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware boot discussion' started by spiceup, Dec 24, 2004.

  1. spiceup

    spiceup Guest

    can someone hep me out with this problem.........

    I have bought XBOX 4 days ago from dubai it is premoded with i think alladin mod chip (i know alladin but don't know which one of alladin). today i joint my box to tv and start it ... it sows me me the xbox startup screen than after 10 sec. it shows
    " 16 Service Required "
    I am a newbi to xbox and before i have never bought a consle......and i dont wht to do ....can someone help me out of this problem..........

    P.S : i have downloaded some softwares may it will work...but i dont know how to use tht with the box..

    1. Original Xbox Dashboard 4920
    2. EvolutionX M8 Bios
    3. Softpack whhic h can be use with xboxhdm
    4. Xbox Media Center (xbmc) 2004-07-10
    5. Xbox Media Center (xbmc) 2004-05-09
    6. xboxhdm v1.3
    7. XISO

    are any of these help me ??????????

    plzzz.......HELP ME
  2. shootm3

    shootm3 Member

    Dec 25, 2004
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    does it flash red+green on the eject button?
  3. BiggieEl

    BiggieEl Guest

    If you are trying to boot up to the MS dash and the HD is unlocked then I think you will be getting that error msg...lock it and try again...

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