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Problems with Burnt CD’s

Discussion in 'Audio' started by uncleb, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. uncleb

    uncleb Guest

    Hey Guys,
    I don’t know if you can help me. I’ve been frustrated lately cause some of the CD’s I’ve been burning have been skipping on my CD player in my truck. Some of the CD’s are OK until they get to a certain track (let’s say from 15 on) and then they still play OK unless you try to go past those tracks manually. If you do they just don’t play anything. Go back to track 14 and don’t advance manually and they go through the rest of them without a problem. Some of them play fine until they get to a certain part of a particular song and then they just skip (kinda like bounce) without progressing until I manually go to the next track, then the rest of the CD is ok. The most frustrating one of all just happened to me today (and that’s why I’m telling you guys). I burnt a CD about a week ago and have played it about 20 times and today it started to skip/bounce in the middle of a song near the end of the CD (again I have to go past it manually). Now I’ll admit that when I have any of these problems they’re consistent (occur in the same place). I’ve given these CD’s to my wife to play in her vehicle and most of them have played without a problem, others have skipped just like they did for me. I just bought a CD cleaner and used it, but it didn’t change anything. The CD’s I’ve been burning were Fuji’s and a couple were Imation’s. This has only been happening to the CD’s I’ve been burning lately, earlier CD’s (mostly Memorex) don’t seem to be a problem. Have any of you had similar problems? And if so is it a bad batch of CD’s, My Burner, or my CD player in my truck? Sorry for such a long question but this whole thing has gotten to me. Hope you guys can help.
    Thanks & God Bless
    Uncle Bob
  2. ChrimChi

    ChrimChi Guest

    Try using audio converter. http://www.audio-converter.com/ It will make sure your audio tracks are in the right format for an audio disk. I have had the chance to use many types of cds. Imation is very poor quallity, their surface scratches easily, and wares out. After a while, lasers of players wont read the disk.

    Make sure non of the files are corrupt, this may result in one track not working and the rest are. However that track may be playing floulesly on the pc.
    I recommend you just convert all your tracks to proper audio level using audio converter, and then the disk should be stable. Sony, Maxell, FujiFilm, are the best disks in the market. Most reliable and stable.

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