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- qoob BIOS v1.1 - This is the v1.1 final

Discussion in 'Nintendo Gamecube - General discussion' started by charis_k, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. charis_k

    charis_k Member

    Apr 21, 2005
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    - qoob BIOS v1.1 -
    21th of april, 2005
    This is the v1.1 final.
    - Direct boot of all media (including DVD+R),
    without swapping!
    - Fastboot of both original and backups
    (this time with autodetection for original games)
    - Disc swap support!
    - Less DREs than older BIOS!
    - Disc browser for ISO9660-DVDs, supporting
    Joliet for running homebrew .ELF/.DOL files
    - Disc check feature
    - All the usual stuff
    - Network support, look below!

    We tried a small DRE work around, but this of course doesn't
    fix your media. If you have DRE problems, please try checking
    the disc with the integrated disc check (hold 'A'). If you
    get errors here, you *have* a media problem. We try working
    around this, but this won't fix the root of the problem.
    --------------| A small statement to the Cobra-Team:
    Fine, now we got to some point. You ripped our stuff (audio-
    fix for certain), and we feel fine about that. Protections
    are there to be broken, though we made it a bit easy this time.
    Expect some improvements when we have new valueable stuff.
    (We made the "read offset" compatible to cobra 1.0, in case
    some software requires this.)
    That said.
    The new windows software has support for directly flashing ELF
    and DOL files. The next paragraph shouldn't be required anymore,
    but for the people interested:
    --------------| Some small technical information:
    All flashed "blocks" have a 0x100 bytes header which looks like:
    00....03 ID (either "(C) " for a .GCB file or "ELF\0"
    and ELF, more (like DOL and BIN) to come soon)
    04....f7 description, will be shown in boot menu
    f8....fb reserved
    fc....ff size (in bytes), must be multiple of 64k

    If you have flashed an elf file, it should appear in the boot menu,
    so you can run it.
    --------------| About the network support:
    IP address is currently hardcoded to This should fit
    most people. (Hint: Even Windows supports more than one IP address
    per network adapter. No need to break your network.)
    We will make this configurable in the next version, don't worry.
    Network support comes from tmbinc's fine IPL replacement (thanks,
    man!). We removed GPL'd parts before (especially the gc-linux based
    network driver) and replaced them with own. LWIP's license is
    BSD-styled and tmbinc's stuff is public domain, as he stated. We
    hope it's ok, but we would had done it in a very similiar way, so
    we better used the time to improve it than to reinvent the wheel.
    This only applies to the network stuff. Everything else was
    completely recoded by our team.
    Supported stuff is:
    - DOLUP (upload dol/elf on port 4000 - no bin yet)
    - HTTP ("/DVD" for ripping discs)
    --------------| About the game disc swap support:
    This support won't be 100%, but it should work for most of the
    unplayable games.
    The lid switch will be autodetected - if you leave the lid open
    while booting, it's ok - you won't be able to swap discs then.
    If you have the lid closed, you can open it while playing and swap
    the disc.
    When closing the lid again, it takes some seconds until the drive
    continue reading again. It will take ~20 seconds or so. Don't worry.
    We try to fix this for sure, but we think it's ok.
    --------------| About the audio fix
    this bios has - since ever - an integrated audio fix. Some people
    have messed up their backups with "fixing" the data so it works
    with older bios which don't fix the audio streaming. We feel a bit
    sorry for these people, so in this release you can press 'START'
    while booting to disable the builtin audiofix.

    Please, people, don't mess with your GCMs! Most things will only
    make things worse, not better.
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  2. darealone

    darealone Member

    Apr 6, 2005
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    Last edited: Apr 27, 2005
  3. wizzer

    wizzer Guest

    I picked up the qoob pro ... nice chip it is too ..

    Anyone know how i`m supposed to log it on to the network ??

    I tried to FTP, using, and in windows using

    Any ideas ??
  4. wizzer

    wizzer Guest

    I picked up the qoob pro ... nice chip it is too ..

    Anyone know how i`m supposed to log it on to the network ??

    I tried to FTP, using, and in windows using {

    Any ideas ??

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