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Quick Question about DVD's again.....

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by Novender, Apr 18, 2003.

  1. Novender

    Novender Guest

    I asked a question previously and got no responce so here goes again.

    What standard do MOST if not ALL of the current computer DVD drives support.

    Im need to burn data to DVD but I need a format that ALL DVD's will read???

    I was of the understanding that all drives will read + and -. However sony say that this is not the case and freecom say that all drives will read - data however only plus drives will read plus data, it gets more confusing everyday?? help me guys please

  2. Prisoner

    Prisoner Guest

    This is a tricky question, because it depends on how you burn the DVD. If you burn the DVD using disc at once method, then almost all drives after 1998 will reconize the data and as for as I can tell this is regardless of +R or -R. I have tested this with creative DVD-rom drive using Dxr2 hardware board (yes this was bought in 1998). Now if you use track at once to burn the DVD, then things are completely different and you may find that only -R dives will reconize -R and +R MAY reconize -R, but the inverse may also be true. The difference between these burning methods is track at once will let you burn in increments so if you want to only add 1GB to a disc now and 1GB to the disc later, you can. Using Disc at once after you add the first 1GB its done, the DVD-/+R will only be readable. Of course an RW disc can still be used but you have to erase the disc and reburn. So would recomed buying a combo drive to burn -RW and +RW and pay closer attention to your Software. Don't get to cheap on software and make sure it does every thing that you want.
  3. Novender

    Novender Guest

    Prisoner, thanks a million for that responce that makes sence.
    What I dont undestand and im paging my way thru this dvd FAQ http://www.dvddemystified.com/dvdfaq.html to see if it makes more sence but how on EARTH can you tell what ordianry pc DVD drives are (plus or minus) or what formats they support.
    Basically all i what to do is use the capability of 4.7bg of storage to store data and be able to read it on any drive. Nothing too fancy! If that means "Disk at once" then so be it. My problem is that the Dual DVD drive that sony have is like Gold dust over here in the UK so untill the end of may its a toss between plus or minus! As long as I can write data to a dvd at 4x and view the contents on another machine Im happy.

    Just to recap, is there a table that tells you what manafacturers support what format when it comes to DVD readers!

    Prisoner, just read your post again and im gettin it, so Disk at once on a plus or minus drive should be ok, Question is that I still have to pick my media plus or minus disks and a plus or minus drive

    thanks again

  4. Prisoner

    Prisoner Guest

    Hello andy

    Sorry if I confused you, I can be long winded alot of the time. The simple answers
    Buy a DVD burner that is the cheapest.
    Write data to that DVD?RW using a Disc at once method (as in Nero, Drag N' Drop, ete)
    Every thing should be good. For your case select for cost, if DVD minus is cheap (burner and discs, don't forget about buying discs) then buy it.
    Really the big difference is the DVD creators of the format still don't reconize DVD plus as a DVD format. So mainly HP and sony are in this plus market. THe grapvine has been saying that Microsoft in the future may only support plus format, but I think this got confused with the new Microsoft OS having the abiltiy to edit data as you write (only supported by plus), but why would you want to do that!

    Bottom line buy the burner that will have the cheapest media for the long run, I have and use a DVD-RW because for me the cheapest, but would recomend the Combo drive because your not limited on one specific DVD format.

    Hope this helps.
  5. Novender

    Novender Guest

    Once again thanks, I REALLY appreciate your help, I have been on this for a while and its been keeping me up at night!

    That makes perfect sence. Minus it is unless sony get their finger out and get a 500ul to me pronto!

    Sorry to push my luck here but any chance you know anything about making bootable DVD disks, suppose it will be the same as cd's

    thanks again

  6. Prisoner

    Prisoner Guest

    I have never made or needed to make bootable discs. But the best guide and software I have seen (may be much better out there) is from Roxio. Easy CD Creator 6 has an extensive help manual will most of what you need to know.
    Do some google searches, you probally come up with a million hits.
    Hope this sheds some light.
  7. Novender

    Novender Guest

    once again thanks!

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