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Ripping a DVD and editing it's Subtitle.

Discussion in 'Subtitle help' started by imdnme, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. imdnme

    imdnme Member

    Feb 25, 2007
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    Hi, I'm new here so I don't know here to post this.

    I have a new dvd and the subtitles are out of sync.

    My question is,

    1. How to rip the DVD and place it in my HD. (Sorry, I'm really new to this DVD ripping :( ). What software will I use ?

    2. If #1 is done, then what am I gonna do if I would like to see the subtitle file. What software will I use ?

    3. How can I properly sync it with the main movie ? SOftware ?

    4. After I've done 1-3, what to do next ?

    I hope someone will answer me.

    I really want this movie to get fixed, so please help me.

    Thanks alot. :)
  2. Pop_Smith

    Pop_Smith Regular member

    Nov 26, 2003
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    Hello imdnme! Welcome to the forums!

    I can answer your first question, you would need something like AnyDVD you can download a fully functional 21-day trial from Slysoft's website. A direct link to the setup file is here.

    It is a little fox icon in the corner of your screen and decrypts DVDs on the Fly without your Operating System even knowing the DVD is encrypted.

    You can then copy the DVD to your hard drive.

    Sorry I can't help on the other questions :(

  3. janrocks

    janrocks Guest

    I can open .sub files with a text editor.. I use it to correct the odd typo you can find.
    You will notice that there is a time-code on every line. These can also be edited, but you need to exercise great care as they relate to the frame index/duration for the display of each line.
    There are apparently batch editors for this sort of job, but I have no idea what they are or where to find them.

    Here is a little bit of a .sub file
    and the same part from the corresponding .srt file
    Different format, different language. Both .sub and .srt files need to be included the way I do it for either language subs to be displayed.
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