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Sad Cingular Saga....They won't unlock my phones...

Discussion in 'Motorola phones' started by vavoom, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. vavoom

    vavoom Guest

    Ok, here it goes. I was on ATT tdma, 2 lines, v60 and nokia, no contract. son and daughter were on ATT GSM, 2 year contract, T721's, 2 year contract done in August. Now daughter soaks tt21 and has to buy new phone, v220 just before Cingular merger with ATT. We wanted to upgrade so we could all be on GSM right? So ordered new service, great deal on new MPX220 phones and all should be well... not quite. Wife hates MPx220 phone, its too much for her and wants to trade for daughter's v220. So here is where it gets interesting.
    I first call Cingular in mid February when we received new service and our MPx's after reseller assures me they "will take care of you so you can swap phones". Cingular say they will look into it, and they agree to request the Subsidy Unlock Code supposedly to be done in early March. I call and call...different people, different story. Finally, after two weeks and the second subidy unlock request and after the 5 business day wait, they tell me they today cannot unlock either phone (ATT v220, or Cingular mpx220). Just a warning for those who expect any kind of reasonable customer service from Cingular...so the moral is...
    Cingular screws ex ATT customers by forcing them into new phones.. and basically doesnt' give a damn about their customer...
    My two cents..
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    Dec 23, 2004
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