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???Shrinking A Downloaded AVI???

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by joemoe, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. joemoe

    joemoe Member

    Dec 29, 2004
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    I downloaded an AVI off of the net and now I want to shrink it. From what I hear I am suppose to convert it into a dvd first. Well I am not sure how to do that so could someone please explain it to me. Then after I convert it I can just use dvd shrink to shrink the file right? Then can I burn it onto a dvd with nero? Well I tried converting my AVI into a DVD with WinAVI and I come up with what I believe are .VOB file. When I try to open it in shrink it don't work. I am doing something wrong here because no one will explain it to me. How do I do this? Please help.
  2. Toon_Army

    Toon_Army Guest

    Hi Joe
    The are few softwears what will Convert AVI to Video Files everone has there own as Top Dog.Try one of these Ulead DVD Movie Factory 2 SE. Also TMPGEnc.Nero Vision Express.I dont think dvd Shrink can Read VOB files only Video TS files.Try one of these m8 they all work.Nero Vision Express and Ulead DVD Movie Factory are really easy to use.But why open your file with shrink was it big to fit on a disc.Because shrink Compresses your File or DVD for it to fit on a 4.7 Gig Disc.Also
    if you Download a movie and after you Converted it and it is to big to fit to Disc run it through shrink .

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