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Small Prblems when backing up my DVD's

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by xonix, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. xonix

    xonix Guest

    I have recently managed to get my DVD's backed up by using the following software and the instructions as per AfterDawn: SmartRipper, DVD2AVI, TMPGEnc, and Nero. It is a little frustrating 'cause you have to use all these different tools, but this is not the problem, at least I got the process to work. One or two hitches though: (1) My original DVD has great surround sound, the VCD Backup's not. I have tried two movies that I know has surround sound. (2) Some movies does not end up in full screen , you get a kind of ''envelope' result at the end (black spaces top and bottom). Can you perhaps assist? My PC spec: Win XP, 2 G P4, 512 RAM, 60 G HDisk. I will appreciate your assistance in this regard.
  2. hundrakg

    hundrakg Guest

    your problem is using tmpgenc,,,use rempeg2 instead,,or the best ever CCE2.50....
  3. xonix

    xonix Guest

    Hi and thanks for your response! I will try to get hold of either rempeg2 or CCE2.5, I just hope that I will be able to find some clear instructions somewhere as I am rather new to this. Take care!
  4. jimmydvd

    jimmydvd Member

    Dec 1, 2002
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    try changing your settings in TMPGEnc plus to FULL SCREEN. and make sure to save the files in AC3 format which should come out as DD 5.1

    Have a read of this guide...

    This is what I use and it explains most things in step by step stages.
    or have a read at

    hope this helps
  5. xonix

    xonix Guest

    Hi Jimmy, thanks for this guide. Unfortunately this Dummy guide describes backing up your DVD's with a DVD Writer only - unfortunately I only have a CD-RW, so maybe this is some motivation to buy a DVD-Writer... :) Anyhow, I will study these docs and will shout again should I need some further assistance. Take care!

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