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Discussion in 'Copy DVD to DVDR' started by iesego, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. iesego

    iesego Member

    Sep 20, 2004
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    Ok, I am extremely new at this and have know idea how to use smartripper. I was trying to burn cd's using Nero 6 but of course my DVD was protected, downloaded smart ripper, now i don't know what to do! WHat are vob's, does anyone have the patience to teach me how to use smartripper to burn my dvd's?? thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Doc409

    Doc409 Active member

    Jan 1, 2003
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    Welcome to AD. I use Smartripper about half the time, and DVD Decrypter the other half. The best way to use Smartripper is to use the 4-step approach.
    1. First, you must have something like WinDVD or AnyDVD that opens up the DVD so that Smartripper can load it.
    2. Once the main panel appears, select a Target folder you want to export the ripped files into.
    3. Press the Backup tab. It has a gold disc on it.
    4. Press the Start tab.
    That's it. Don't concern yourself with all the other settings or file types at this point.

    You say that you are trying to burn cd's, which means either a VCD or SVCD from your DVD's. I am wondering if this is what you want to do, or do you want to back up to DVD media? If you want to put your DVD's onto a CD, I would recommend Intervideo DVD Copy2. It will easily make both VCD's and SVCD's. You will have to use a ripper with it, however, it has it's own burner software, so you won't need Nero with it.

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  3. brian100

    brian100 Guest

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