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So like, i'm looking for a job and...

Discussion in 'Safety valve' started by xhardc0re, May 15, 2007.

  1. xhardc0re

    xhardc0re Guest

    need some damn advice! I like working with graphics, video, making websites & mashing up content. With some free time i've made music videos, subbed anime, and painted some pictures (i like natural paint better than working on the computer). So WTH kind of job should I apply for? Most of the jobs that use my skills seem to be in digital/MM type of companies. There are few here in the south (especially Disney & EA has their Tiburon Studio in FL...i think). Maybe i should have went to art school but my skills aren't bad for these kids whose rich parents pay $20+. Seems that i'm not the only one scared sh**less paying $30K for an art degree that might never get used.
    So what's the job for someone with lots of skill but hates corporate america? I'd really like to do something creative & not just photoshop celebrity's moles for the rest of my life ;)
  2. Auslander

    Auslander Senior member

    Apr 23, 2004
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    start a web design business.
  3. gerry1

    gerry1 Guest

    @xhardcore...if you can paint and/or draw, you can be leaps and bounds ahead of the competition if you learn and learn throroughly how to use Photoshop and the other industry standard software. You see, most graphic artists use stock graphics ...graphics from duty free libraries to manipulate or perhaps photos of their own but they can't do it from scratch as you can.

    Learn the necessary software and put together a good portfolio of your best work. Maybe even do some volunteer work for some non profits who can't afford it to add to your portfolio. Its difficult to get into web design as designers are now a dime a dozen but you're got the skills to beat them all if you can paint and draw and then use software to manipulate your own ideas.

    On the corporate side, you would also need to learn web development. Gone are the days when businesses had only nice informational pages; now they collect all sorts of data etc. and that is often a serious bore for the artsy types but corporations would rather have one person that can do both as opposed to hiring two people.

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