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Software for editing & burning CD’s & DVD’s

Discussion in 'Video - Software discussion' started by uncleb, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. uncleb

    uncleb Guest

    Dear Friends,
    Well I need your help again. I’ve already asked you (and you’ve been good enough to respond) about transferring VHS to DVD and about Copying and burning DVD’s. I’m trying to figure out the best software to use for one or both of these processes (you can look at some of my previous posts if you want to see my original questions). I already have Nero Express 6 (it came with my CD burner), but was thinking about The Nero 6 full version for doing both processes. Here’s my problem, I’m sorry to show my ignorance but I don’t know what OEM means, and what the difference is between it and regular versions (besides price). I think it means regular version without support, but I’m not sure. Please advise me as to what the difference is and if Nero 6 is what I’m looking for, or if there is a better product.
    Thanks ahead of time, & God Bless
    Uncle Bob
  2. Minion

    Minion Senior member

    Sep 28, 2003
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    If you want to Do Quality Video capture then you DONT want to use Nero...The only thing Nero is good For Is Burning Data/Video/Audio to CD/DVD it isn"t very good at createing the Content that you want to Burn to CD/DVD...One Fairly good Priced Capture program that I have been Trying out is called "X-00m Video Clean"
    It is for Captureing VHS and other Analigue material to your PC and it has a Whole Bunch of Color filters and Noise filters for cleaning up the Incomeing Video signal and it Produces a very Good Job and is easy to use..It also comes with a Basic DVD authoring Program that is Based on NeoDVD but I really liked it for the capture features and Quality..This is a Program you can use to do your Captureing and Authoring the captured files to DVD and you can use the Version of Nero you allready have for burning DVD Folders from DVD Shrink or some other DVD Copying Program to DVD-R..You can check it out here :

    PS: OEM Means "Original Equipment Manufacturer" which is basicly a product a Company sells in Bulk..Like when you Buy a New Name Brand Computer it is Built with OEM Parts because the company who Makes the Parts sell the Parts to HP or Gateway or Dell In Bulk sometimes without labels so a company can Put there own Labels on them...So OEM are basicly the same as retail But were sold in Bulk and usually do not have a warrenty from the Manufacturer....Cheers

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