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some DVD's of mine don't backup - so what should I buy?

Discussion in 'Copy DVD to DVDR' started by DennisBMW, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. DennisBMW

    DennisBMW Guest

    Hi Everyone!

    I don't post much here as I've found my current setup works so well!

    However, I'd say aroun 95% of my DVD collection is now safely backed up with the originals stored safely.

    I find some of my DVD's cannot be backed up and I suspect the newer encryption technologies are the reason why.

    I currently use DVD 43 to remove the protection, and Video Vault to import the disc to my hard drive. Some films start to be converted but then hit some internal error and I just get a message saying error adding the film to the vault.

    So is there anything stable and good which can replace the dvd 43 so as to handle the newer encryption technologies? I'm thinking anydvd will do this ? can anyone confirm?

    I find Video Vault to be extremely easy to use, and stable - I can import directly to my hard disk, that then gets transferred to my Media Storage PC with 4 X400 GB hard drives from which I can then wirelessly stream any of my films on different laptops etc. Perfect for me as my whle library of DVD's becomes an instantly available personal library!

    If you all can confirm all i'd need is anydvd - then I shall flex my credit card and purchase asap!

    Cheers everyone !

    Dennis BMW !
  2. pstamer

    pstamer Guest

    Hello DennisBMW: I would definetely go with anydvd for sure. Best investment I've ever made in software. It runs in the background like dvd43 does; only it's updated much much more.
  3. pstamer

    pstamer Guest

    Sorry for the double posting; there is a discount on Slysoft products at the moment. I would use CloneDvd also if I were you. The two programs were meant for each other.
  4. DennisBMW

    DennisBMW Guest

    Hi there,

    Update -

    I've got the 21 day limited version of AnyDVD - and only had time to do a couple of backups that weren't working previously.

    so far so good! both attempts worked ! so i'll be able to do the as many of the others in this time and lookout for any probs/issues - but based on it so far - things are looking good!

    If all goes well, I'll get the AnyDVD HD version!

    Anything I need to know about that ? or should i just get the 'normal' anydvd version?!

    Cheers! Dennis!
  5. JVC

    JVC Active member

    Apr 11, 2004
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    At this point in time, it's not very practical to copy HD DVDs. You can just buy a second copy of the HD movie, cheaper than copying. If you're just gonna put them on your hard drive and leave them there, you may want it. You might also consider CloneDVD (free trial also) from the same place as AnyDVD. The two together are unbeatable.

    If you start having problems, take DVD43 off the computer. That and AnyDVD do not play well together.
    Good luck!

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