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Spotting messed up Mp3's from kazaa

Discussion in 'Audio' started by ilw, Aug 30, 2003.

  1. ilw

    ilw Member

    Aug 30, 2003
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    I was just wondering if anyone here had any information or links relating to spotting messed up mp3's downloaded primarily from the kazaa network. I came here through the encspot page because someone said that encspot can usually spot them, but that it also has a high false alarm rate.
    Any help would be appreciated :eek:)
  2. minix

    minix Member

    Jan 20, 2003
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    Feurio is an audio burning program that reports corrupted MP3 files before burning. Drop the files in a compilation.

    I've used EncSpot a few times and it seems as reliable as Feurio.
  3. Mr_Mister

    Mr_Mister Guest

    I've seen this one a few times myself... tried to download a Shania song (Forever and for always... in case you're wondering) and I kept finding crappy quality songs.
    The MP3 itself would be like 192KB/s but the audio quality would be way below that... around the 64-92KB/s area (it would sound like an old audio tape that's been played a zillion times).
    So, after downloading like 5 copies of the same song at different bitrates, I gave up on trying to download it through Kazaa and switched over to WinMX. On there, I have yet to download a single bad-quality MP3.
    Of course, there were other problems with Kazaa... bandwidth spikes (normal download speed for me seems to be around the 2-7KB/s range and occasionally, it would jump up to like 40-50KB/s even though I was only connected at like 44KB through AOL) which resulted in MP3's that were totally useless... garbled beyond recognition, and the now present threat of getting busted. Haven't heard about WinMX users getting nailed by our friends, the RIAA.

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