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Starview Clone that's dead

Discussion in 'Digital TV - UK & Europe' started by ph8, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. ph8

    ph8 Guest


    Since saturday last evening,my SV clone no longer boots, just displays On, I have searched the forms etc, my software version was 2.57, I have reflashed it including the previous 2.55 version and each time it says that the flash is sucessful, but on each boot the leds flash for a second, then the last channel that was viewed (70) appears for a milisecond then it goes back to displaying On, it will not respond to the remote control and I have checked for damaged /bulging capacitiors, leakage ( c11 / c21 ) and they are fine, I did not have a power surge but the normal coax N*L DUB feed went once or twice just before this happened so the STB lost it's signal a few times then did not even display a bad or scrambled signal message, removed the coax cable from the STB and noticied that the reception had improved but when i tried my STB a few hrs later then I noticed it just displayed On and would not respond to the remote, when I pressed the standby button on the box itself it just showed the time ( 12:00 ),The nearest thread / discussion I have seen is when it boots to a o or an N and the advice is to check for damaged capacitors but mine look fine, there's no leakage etc.and I have spent an hour flashing and reflashing using 2.55 and 2.57 ( the Aug 2006 version for Ire), can anyone help
  2. Celtic71

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    Jul 3, 2007
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    Please stick to one thread and do not multi-post

    If you have On displayed on the front of the SV it usually indicates no channels installed , and maybe you done a factory setting ?

    Have you checked the remote control is actually working ?
  3. ph8

    ph8 Guest

    Will do Celtic, no I just assumed the remote was fine, I think there's a way to check to see if a remote control is dead, something to do with your mobile phone, summit to do with a mobile and they're IR capabilities, anyway even when i press the standby button on the box itself it shows 12.00 then if I press it again it goes back to On, let's assume that the remote is fine and that I have flashed and reflashed ( which were all sucessful ) , any other suggestions or should I just bin it ?

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