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Still playing that good old commodore64!! what's your fav. c64 game?

Discussion in 'All other topics' started by retro78, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. retro78

    retro78 Member

    Mar 30, 2005
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    i was in the attic, and found this big box!
    it contained my c64, i picked it up and since sunday i'm playing them good old games, like outrun, giana sisters, chopper, frogger, space invaders etc. etc.

    if ya played, whats your fav. game ?

    The Good Ol'days !!!
  2. Veblin

    Veblin Active member

    Feb 27, 2003
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    Fort Apocalypse was probably my favorite.
    To many to really name.
    Omega Race.

    I had or may still have hundreds of them.

    I started with the VIC-20. Capt. Kirk was right.
    Got my first 300 baud modem. Cutting edge.
    Started to visit these new things called bulletin boards.

    I soon moved on to the C-64 for it's abilities even though I still loved the VIC-20. Then I thought, maybe instead of spending all that money calling long distance to other BBS's, I would set one up myself. I ran a BBS on a C-64 for about 5 years in the mid 80's.
    The software was called C-Net. We soon moved up to the new 1200 baud modem. Callers could connect at 1200bps or 300bps and bump it to almost 400bps. Wow.

    The final main BBS system was.
    1 - C-64.
    1 - Commodore Monitor.
    6 - 1541 5&1/4 floppy drives. About 160 kilobytes each.
    1 - SFD 1001 5&1/4 floppy double side double density drive. 1 megabytes.
    1 - 1581 3.5 floppy double side single density drive. 800 kilobytes.

    That was one kick-ass BBS system with it's almost 2.5 megabytes of storage. People would call from all over the world to check out [bold]The Zen Machine BBS[/bold].

    I still have.
    2 VIC-20's
    2 C-64's
    1 SX-64
    1 C-128
    2 Monitors
    8 floppy drives.
    2 cassette drives.
    30+ cartridges.
    300+ floppy disc's.
    50+ tapes.

    The name of the BBS came from a song by Utopia (Todd Rundgren)
    [bold]The Zen Machine[/bold]
    Each forum on the BBS was also named after another song from that same album called [bold]POV[/bold].

    You're always finding out
    About the things that people never talk about
    I didn't ask to know
    But now I'm compensating as I go
    I know the script I'm in
    I'm only thoughts of heaven trapped in flesh and skin
    And from the world of men
    I try to tighten up the code again

    And the code is a play
    A play is a song
    A song is a film
    A film is a dance

    Boot me up on the Zen Machine
    Log me onto the Zen Machine
    Load me down
    Everybody get ready
    Hook me into the Zen Machine
    Sharing time on the Zen Machine
    Load me up
    Everybody get ready

    Sometimes it's clear to me
    Then for a moment I'm in timeless ecstasy
    There are no reasons why
    And everyone's a passer-by
    But when they've gone to bed
    A fire's burning on the screen and in my head
    And on a windy day
    You can smell it from a mile away

    And the smell is a note
    A note is a taste
    A taste is a hue
    A hue is a touch
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2005

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