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Too many coasters can someone help dvd-r won't play...

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by FTLOSM, Jan 9, 2003.


    FTLOSM Member

    Jan 3, 2003
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    I had a few homemade dvds (not sure of their type dvd-r dvd+r) but at the
    time I had to return them and didn't have a burner (these were homemade dvds
    from a camcorder of a local sporting event, no copyright protection on the

    I had a dvd rom drive so I used a program to extract the files to my hard
    drive (cant recall program name at the moment) but it created a folder called VIDEO_TS and inside it there were some
    vob, bup and ifo files and I figured one day I would get a burner
    and put them onto DVD-R.

    Here is what is in the folder on my Hard Drive does something look wrong or out of place? Was I supposed to pull the FOLDER into the job too (I just took these contents into the job section of prassi).

    none (just says none)5,452kb MPG file
    VIDEO_TS.BUP 12k BUP file
    VIDEO_TS 12k IFO file
    VIDEO_TS.VOB 34k VOB file
    VTS_01_0.BUP 72k BUP file
    VTS_01_0 72k IFO file
    VTS_01_1.VOB 1,048,018k VOB file
    VTS_01_2.VOB 1,048,018k VOB file
    VTS_01_3.VOB 1,048,018k VOB file
    VTS_01_4.VOB 380,082k VOB file

    I finally got the burner - a pioneer 105, updated the firmware right away to
    1.21, all is good, I can store data and have been messing around with trying
    to put these vob files onto a dvd-r disc.

    Here is the problem, I KNOW my 2 dvd players in the house here play dvd-r
    and dvd+r and cdrw and I have played other home made dvd-r's in it from
    other people and such, however when I used nero and prassi I pulled the
    files into them and burned them (as shown above) except I get DISC ERROR in
    both dvd players, however if I put that dvd-r back into the pc the disc
    plays FINE thru windvd4 program, looks and sounds perfect.

    I even thought maybe my dvd player didn't like that particular dvd-r media
    so I tried another (first verbatims second DVDPRO media), however I got the
    same results with both media (neither played on living room dvd player BOTH
    media types played fine on my pc with windvd4 after I inserted them and hit
    play a few times).

    Just wondering is this some sort of error on my part - is there a walkthru
    page somewhere on HOW to create a bootable dvd-r with VOB files with nero or

    Or after looking at my layout above is there something that doesn't look
    right? (I feel I am close since it plays and looks awesome in the pc dvd
    rom drive here), yet I wanna watch these on my living room tv not the pc.

    Yes I am new, yes this maybe a stupid question, yes it might not even belong
    here (if not lmk where i can post it) but i have spent a long time and a few
    coasters trying to read how to create these, and I know I am close yet can't
    quite figure out what I am doing wrong, is there something I can use to
    create a auto booting dvd-r (plug the vobs in and just make it PLAY vs a
    menu to choose chapters etc),

    Thanks for any help given, I just wanna get this burned to a dvd-r that I
    can enjoy in the living room on the dvd player (that I know does support and
    play dvd-r and dvd+r etc).

  2. timwil

    timwil Member

    Jan 9, 2003
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    I tried the samething - got a dvd that played on my PC but not on my DVD player. I was using MyDVD from Sonic to burn TV programs to DVD for later watching. When I captured the Video it was ok - the 2 - 4G file played back in Media Player. When I burned a file directly to Disk it played in my DVD player and on the PC. When I made a DVD directory and burned the directory structure to disk it did not play in the DVD Player although it played in the PC.

    My solution is that to copy a disk you have to use something like Easy CD Creator to make a ISO copy of the disk and burn the copy from the image. This works for me.

    By the way - I have a Pioneer A105 4X (updated to firmware 1.2) DVD-R burner that is working out really good BUT I got some DVD-R media (1X manufactured by CMC - sold by a name I really don't remember right now) that worked only on shorter programmes. On longer programs it said that it burned ok but the DVD would freak out when played on the PC or the DVD player.

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