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Using Xbox iso's without DVD2Xbox

Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by Burgers, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. Burgers

    Burgers Guest

    So first off I want to mod Halo/Halo2 by burning an iso onto my Xbox and running the iso off the HDD. So my problem is I want to do this without DVD2Xbox. Well actually to be more specific I want to create the iso through the BEST (I'm thinking Craxtion) program for making xbox iso's through FTP (cuz it didn't work so well with Qwix) then copy it onto my xbox HDD take out the DVD drive and THEN use DVD2Xbox or similiar program to run the iso off the HDD.

    Another quick run through I want to have xbox iso on HDD that DVD2Xbox (or if anything else works...) will read and run it off HDD.

    PS: Don't ask why I dont like DVD2Xbox it's a long story
  2. shdwsfall

    shdwsfall Regular member

    Jan 3, 2004
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    ISO files do not run on your HDD. You need to extract the files out of the ISO file using craxtion. After you do that, place the files in a folder named of the game you are working with. Then FTP the folder over to your HDD. Any dashboard, except the original MS dash can play the game off the HDD. If you place the folder of the game in E:\games Then you should have no problems. Use evox, or whatever your favorite dashboard is.
  3. Burgers

    Burgers Guest

    Thanx that's exactly the information I needed. However I'm confused on how you make the Evox dash read the game of the HDD, care to enlighten me =)
  4. westsides

    westsides Guest

    somebody please send me any xbox iso threw aol im my screen names is westsidecolon even an xbox demo would be fine i just want to test my softmod.Did i mention pretty please?

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