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Very Strange WiFi Issue

Discussion in 'All other topics' started by Macbook1, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. Macbook1

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    Aug 2, 2009
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    Okay since i moved and got my service with Timewarner cable again, my internet wireless would just not work properly… The modem works fine, and the internet through ethernet works perfect. Although internet through my router is a pain. The internet through WiFi would be extremely slow… like 10 minutes to load a page and very unstable it would take forever to connect to also… Upstairs occasionally it would work fast and then drop back sloww,, basically everywhere in my house it will not work or be very slow!! I would get connection timeouts and the wifi would take so long to connect also.. I have changed my routers settings called up tech support for my router company. I have replaced my router not once but THREE times.. and it still has the SAME EXACT PROBLEM!! I EVEN WENT OUT AND REPLACED MY MODEM!! same exact issue through WiFi… i sent my Macbook Pro in for repair to apple even though my iPhone and my other Brand New Macbook Pro was doing the same thing!! I ruled out almost all causes. I tried 3 different routers.. i replaced my modem made sure all connections was secure i made sure all interferences next to the router was gone, put it on high elevations and everything same slow internet that wont even connect half the time i move around my house!! The routers also a dual-band wireless N im using at the moment too!! I called up timewarner they said my modem and internet is fine! I have a very fast internet speed. I don't have anywhere else to turn… Theres nothing else i could think off thats causing the problem. Please help guys!

  2. ps355528

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    Aug 17, 2010
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    Who else is in your network? .. go into router connection settings and check you KNOW all the connected devices.. WPA2 is really insecure to us wardrivers, takes us less time to get in than WEP does..

    To be secure you can assign a very restricted number of connections, say the ONLY things you want to connect, by ip and mac number, (dhcp off.. all static) and limit to just those.. also set yourself a nice very secure wifi password.

    Also it will be useful to see just how many other connections you have locally and which channels they are on.. and draw your own conclusions from the general noise level on each channel.. airsnort? .. windoze wireless hacking tools are unfamiliar.
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