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!!WARNING!! ND-1300A and cheap media

Discussion in 'DVD players' started by Demon, May 13, 2003.

  1. Demon

    Demon Guest

    Just FYI, a few of us unfortunate souls have received their ND-1300A's (v1.05) only to find it will not write on any cheap media...

    Remember the old days of Pioneer blocking cheap Media? Well NEC have surpassed all and blocked quite a few...

    DVD-R's so far that give an illegal media response...
    Data Write (Yellow 1X/Classic 2X/Red 4X)
    all WP Princo types in fact..
    Bulkpaq Tango 4X
    Nanya 1-2X


    I know they have a tested media list... and criminally it doesn't list the 'definitely' doesn't work list!!!!!

    Well, it'll be RMA'd back as fast as Parcel Force can drive the VAN....

    (All the media that failed works OK in a DRU500) In fact only some mega expensive Memorex worked...

    I'll calm down shortly... but its a very very poor first effort, considering all the aggro with Sony/Pioneer... it just leaves a bitter taste...
  2. T2K

    T2K Guest

    that sux, try Ritek (gen3) media..If that don’t work then yeah you definitely have a problem.
  3. sirrah

    sirrah Member

    Jun 1, 2003
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    princo 1X dvd-RW works fine on my 1300 (costs 10 for €15).

    Also datawrite 2.4X dvd+R works fine on my 1300 (cost 25 for €45).

    but te datawrite 4X dvd-R is the I prefer (25 for €70)

    I know that almost all Nashua dvds will not work.

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