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Whats the best DVD disc's to use for Gamecube backup's?

Discussion in 'Nintendo Gamecube - General discussion' started by CptCannon, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. CptCannon

    CptCannon Guest

    Hey guys,
    Just purchased a Gamecube simply for Resident Evil 4. I've been waiting for about a year for this game to be ported over to the PC, but since it's been recently released it's turned out to be a real stinker. People are saying the port is an extremely poor version of the PS2, which doesn't sound good.

    Anyway i also purchased a XenoGC, from a online uk mod site. It hasn't turned up yet, but my question really is - Whats the best DVD disc's to use for Gamecube backup's? I've read people talking about the Ritek Gold GO5 8X DVD-R's, saying their the best for backup's. But when i eventually found them on this site -


    They don't seem to be 8cm mini Dvd's, which is confusing since everyones saying you need the Mini Dvd's to get the best results. So far i haven't found any UK sites selling Ritek Mini's. :-(

    Any help would be most appreciated


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  3. CptCannon

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