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Why I don't use Dvd X Copy Anymore...

Discussion in 'Copy DVD to DVDR' started by dhjenkins, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. dhjenkins

    dhjenkins Member

    Feb 25, 2004
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    The main reason is because I found this site.

    I found this site because I've been trying (without success) to get dvdxcopy platinum to work for the past week.

    While writing AND reading, I got the blue screen of death (errors in ntoskrnl.exe & pcouffin.sys), program freezes and spontaneous reboots.

    I also got the 'error while finalizing' error, as well as various quality problems with the final disc.

    I reformatted, reinstalled win2k, installed SP-4, reinstalled platinum, installed the updated patin-couffin driver, flashed my drive with 5 different firmware versions, cussed, screamed, and threw various objects around the room (mainly the 10-odd coasters this program made).

    After all of that, I finally thought it would work, so I attempted to back-up a 7.42 gig Dvd-9. Everything worked flawlessly during the read, so I put in a blank DVD+R (verbatim) and was informed by the program that the DVD was too small. I checked the temporary directory and found that the files that were ripped amounted to 4.41 gig (well over 4,700,000 bytes). I tried a differend dvd-9 - it ripped at 4.37 gig just fine, so I tried the first one again. 4.41 gig again.
    That was pretty much it for me.

    As per the easy-to-understand instructions located in this fine forum, I downloaded DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter and IMGtool classic. I followed the instructions and wound up with an effortless backup. I've also re-installed nero, so that I can skip a few steps in the future.

    The total time it took for the entire process was about 23 minutes to rip, 7 minutes to create the .iso (which won't be necessary from now on), and 24 minutes to burn.

    IMHO, Anyone having problems with their copy of anything by 321 studios should switch to these smaller, more compartmentalized programs and save themselves a few coasters.

    Big thanks to all the experts here!


    AMD 2800XP, Win2kPro, 1 GB DDR, 40GB Seagate

  2. 1Adonis4u

    1Adonis4u Guest

    Its good to know someone appreciates sites like this... The only way most of us are pushed to learn new ways is by making mistakes that make us search for different way of doing things.

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