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Why You Should Connect a PC to Your TV (Don’t Worry; It’s Easy!)

Discussion in 'Windows - Software discussion' started by ireland, Nov 3, 2014.

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    Why You Should Connect a PC to Your TV (Don’t Worry; It’s Easy!)
    onnecting a PC to your TV is dead simple. All you’ll usually need is an HDMI cable, and then you can access every media service, streaming site, and PC game — on your TV.

    Simple streaming boxes like the Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, Apple TV, and others are still slick and convenient. But not every app is on every box — a PC gives you access to everything, plus web pages, plus PC games.

    PCs Are a Living Room Swiss Army Knife
    PCs are a little bit more awkward to use because they don’t have the polished interface and dedicated remote of a Roku or similar TV-optimized box. But using a PC in your living room isn’t as awkward as it sounds, and you gain an extreme amount of flexibility:

    • Use Any Service: Different devices support different apps. For example, only the Apple TV allows you to watch iTunes content. But the Apple TV can’t watch Amazon Prime videos. Amazon’s own Fire TV can, but it can’t play HBO Go. A PC can play absolutely everything via a web browser and desktop apps like iTunes. If nothing else, it’s a good fallback when your primary streaming box can’t play something.
    • Bypass Limitations on Streaming to TVs: Some services prevent you from streaming certain content to TVs, but allow it to PCs. For example, Hulu offers some shows for free streaming on PCs, but not to TV boxes. Plug a PC into your TV and you can watch all that content on your TV.
    • Play Local Video Files: A PC can download and play local video files easily, too. You don’t have to copy them to a USB stick and then connect that to the streaming box in your living room, worrying about limited media codec compatibility. VLC can play practically everything.
    • Stream Videos and Music From Websites: Whether it’s a streaming site, a music-streaming service, or just an individual TV show site that streams a TV show via a Flash player, but doesn’t have an app, it will stream on your TV. It’s not just that every service available as an “app” works on a PC — many websites without apps at all will work on a PC.
    • Play PC Games: PCs give you access to a much wider universe of games, so you’re not stuck playing whatever version of Angry Birds comes with your Roku or the handful of games available for your Fire TV. Just fire up Steam, connect an Xbox controller, and play some proper games.
    A TV can even be thought of as a big computer monitor. It could be used as a secondary monitor for your PC’s desktop or make a good big screen for a presentation.



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