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won't recognize higher than 8x...

Discussion in 'DVD / Blu-ray drives' started by qwert45, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. qwert45

    qwert45 Guest

    I've got a LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1633S...I've had no problems with it before, always used 8x DVD-Rs, but lately I've picked up some 16x -Rs, and it recognizes them as CDs instead of DVDs, and gives me an error when i try to burn anything. Is this a common problem, and can I do anything to fix it?
  2. binkie7

    binkie7 Moderator Staff Member

    Feb 12, 2005
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    Hi qwert45
    Firmware up to date? The latest is BSOY.
    If not up to date updating it may do the trick.

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